Editor’s Journal: Summer is Over


On Friday – I think it was Friday – I had my first normal day since June 7, which is the day I left for Germany to see the Saalburg workbench and teach at Dictum GmbH.

Since that trip I’ve been on a nonstop schedule of traveling, taking care of unexpected (and important) family business and trying to keep up with all my publishing obligations. I failed spectacularly. Everything got so crazy that I had to do something very unusual: I canceled my trip last month to the UK and the European Woodworking Show.

While I regret missing that trip, those seven days were a gift and helped me get back on my feet. I was able to take care of some pressing family stuff, finish up some furniture commissions, complete a magazine article I was two months late on and get “From Truths to Tools” and “Carving the Acanthus Leaf” on a fast track to the printer.

So on Friday, I woke up and drank two cups of coffee. I opened my calendar and saw the day was empty. Absolutely clear. I decided to turn off my phone, leave my laptop closed and focus on building my reproduction of the Saalburg workbench for a forthcoming book. Thanks to that day of bliss, the bench now needs just a little cleaning up before I assemble it.

I just opened my calendar for the coming week. Monday is clear. So I think it’s going to be finished by Tuesday.

This post is a reminder (to myself) that somethings have to fall apart. And it’s an apology to all the people I owe phone calls and emails to. I’ll get to them in the next week or so. Just as soon as I have just a few more empty days of healing handwork. I wish I could bottle that stuff.

— Christopher Schwarz, editor, Lost Art Press
Personal site: christophermschwarz.com


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7 Responses to Editor’s Journal: Summer is Over

  1. rdwilkins says:

    Good for you! If you figure out how to bottle that stuff, will you please offer it in your online store? I need to order about 2 cases.


  2. JP Lee says:

    Healing Handwork. I like that. Apropos.


  3. Wonko the Sane says:

    If I were you, I would probably never read the comments, but, nonetheless; My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope everyone is healthy, and has a better than average chance at happy.


  4. sirlurkcalot says:

    I second the comments above. We missed you at EWS but Megan did a sterling job standing in for you. You should. Look after friends like that, not having them slaving away at the weekend doing your building work. 😉
    Enjoy your workshop time, hope you’re family’s ok.


  5. Ed Clarke says:

    You deserve a month off just for finishing the deluxe Roubo on Furniture. The Hiller and May books are also wonderful. Nancy’s book is next to my keyboard and Mary’s book (in pdf form) is on this computer.


  6. wam2b says:

    I just checked out your personal website, Mr. Schwarz.
    It put to mind a remark I heard recently from an old talk by Alan Watts:
    “A sensible person makes his living by doing what he enjoys doing, and that explains me.”

    In your writing and teaching, I appreciate your wit and lively tone.
    I see that the gentleman presented on christophermschwarz.com takes his work seriously, too.
    Well, you should.



  7. If you ever play The Floor Is Lava in the shop, I bet you can pretty easily make it across the room using just workbenches! So that’s something.


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