Coming Soon: Limited Edition LAP Hats


Later this month we will offer a limited run of 100 Lost Art Press baseball caps that feature the “marriage mark” symbol from “The Anarchist’s Design Book.” And, exciting for us, the hats are being embroidered and stamped by our friends at Texas Heritage Woodworks.

This hat is the first in a line of apparel products that we are working very hard on to make as special as our books. More items are already in the works. Here are the details on the hats.

For the last few years we’ve used US-made hats from Bayside. They are OK, but they aren’t the kind of “I want to wear this hat every day until it becomes rags” hat. So we’ve decided to do something we don’t normally do: We’re using the Chinese-made but completely excellent hat from Adams.


This was the first brand of hat we started using about eight years ago. It is very well-made, breaks in beautifully and has lots of nice details: a mesh liner, a leather adjusting strap and a brass buckle. We can’t find a domestic hat that’s made this well at almost any price (unless you want to pay $100 for a hat).

We sent the hats to Texas Heritage Woodworkers last month and Sarah Thigpen has been busy embroidering them in their shop and stamping the leather strap on the pack with the Texas Heritage Woodworks logo. If you have any of Sarah or Jason’s work (such as their best-in-class tool rolls), you know the work is going to be crisp. Perfect.

The hats will be $27, which includes shipping in the United States (if this hat thing works out we’ll expand it to other countries).


When we have all the hats in-house, we’ll announce a time and day they will go up for sale in the Lost Art Press online store.

— Christopher Schwarz, editor, Lost Art Press
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12 Responses to Coming Soon: Limited Edition LAP Hats

  1. anfaith says:

    So, what’s the betting pool on how many minutes before they’re sold out? I claim 3.5 minutes. Nice looking hat.


  2. Jason says:

    Sometimes you just can’t find what you want made in this country. It happens. There are certain items I buy from Japan, Indian, Israel, Central America, Scandinavia – all because I either can’t find the items made domestically or, as in this case, made here, but not high enough quality.


  3. I would pay at least $50 for a fitted hat in a 7 3/4 – 7 7/8 size. Yes, I have a large head. Yes, I am annoyed at the lack of cool fitted hats available. Yes, I know it is hard to please everyone and I am an oddball. But, I really would buy a $50 hat.


  4. tmsbmx says:

    I’m in Awesome hat.


  5. stillad says:

    Apparel products, you say?

    I anxiously await the debut of the Lost Art Press Banana Sling. Yes, I want the one with the entire Hayward corpus embroidered on it. Yes, I know the font will have to be fairly small. No, I don’t want to inspect it “up close,” just to see how small in person.


  6. jayedcoins says:

    I’ve been wearing one of the Bayside hats three or four times a week for a year — it’s a great hat. If there are any left in the LAP store and anyone is looking for a lid, I highly recommend it. Of course, I can’t say anything about the new hats, so don’t read this as a knock on them. Just a thumbs up for the deprecated product. The Bayside fabric is a bit heavy for a hat but it is wearing well. Once you get a good dose of head grease into it… :p


  7. Eric R says:

    I’ve done the same thing with my hats that you’ve suggested I do with my tools. I’ve pared them down from too many to a manageable few.
    That looks like a nice hat, but I’m going to pass.
    Thank you anyway.


  8. flatironjoe says:

    Cool! Now instead of people assuming you are a Mason, they will think you just really like Adobe Acrobat!


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