Now With Even More Artwork


One of the best parts of this job is answering angry emails from disgruntled people. Hahaha. Just kidding. One of best parts of this job is working with independent artisans and artists to do stuff that would make my former corporate overlords crap their Brooks Brothers suits.

This month we’ve been working with the supremely talented and creative Andrea Love, a Port Townsend, Wash., artist who specializes in stop-motion animation. You might remember her from this fantastic short for Hand-tool Heaven, or her work from “By Hound & Eye.”

As we were finishing up the latest book by Jim Tolpin and George Walker, titled “From Truths to Tools,” Jim proposed using some sort of adaptation of William Blake’s “The Ancient of Days” on the cover. It’s a fantastic image, but getting it to work on the odd-sized book cover was going to be a challenge.

Then Andrea, who illustrated and lettered “From Truths to Tools,” volunteered to make a watercolor adapted from the Blake painting that would fit the cover – and wrap around the back of the cover, creating a gorgeous package. And she did it in just a few days.


If I had suggested commissioning a painting for a book cover at any of my former jobs, I would have been labeled as a mentally defective, half-witted and spendthrift loon (to be fair, I am a loon).

We hope to get this book off to the printer on Friday and start taking pre-publication orders this weekend (details and pricing soon).

— Christopher Schwarz, editor, Lost Art Press
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23 Responses to Now With Even More Artwork

  1. Phil Schempf says:

    That would make a great t-shirt!


  2. Richard Mahler says:

    Well, Chris, in our throwaway, beancounter-obsessed culture, anyone inclined to put design, art or craftsmanship above profits is clearly a loon. As one who studied fine art but made my bread as illustrator, graphic design and photographer in corporate marketing, I began my career in a closely-held corporation that saw my role as “artist in residence” – beyond belief forty years ago – but with great financial success came a succession of takeovers and an ethic that had zero respect for talent, imagination or the pursuit of quality. Indeed your enterprise is aptly named! Doing things well has became a lost art in much of our culture.


  3. cowfoot says:

    “I Must Create a System, or be enslav’d by another Man’s” – W Blake


  4. Jim littiken says:

    It’s cool I like loons. It is one of the reasons I go up to U.P. to kayak. Being a loon can you make the haunting call the make at night. Just asking. Jim


  5. Bob Easton says:

    Well Chrisopher, you’ve shown that you are not mentally defective or half witted, and probably not a spendthrift. But you might be one of Andrea’s real puppets.

    VERY nicely done!


  6. Now, the real question is will this be available in a trade paperback?


  7. ejcampbell says:

    Quirky is a kinder word than loon.

    Eric Campbell +1 617 803 4824



  8. I like it very much. I suspect you wouldn’t have much trouble finding artists will to volunteer for other book covers, etc.


    • You might be surprised. We have had mixed results through the years.

      And just to be clear, “volunteer” does not mean “free” with us. We pay for all work that we contract.


  9. justiain says:

    Are you rich enough to meet the English definition of Eccentric? 😉


    • Richard Mahler says:

      Oh, that is just too good – the idea that you can “afford” to be beyond reproach or accepted behavioral expectations! Most of us who are “somewhat strange” can’t bother to care that much how we appear to others even if we can explain our philosophies and predilictions.


  10. Ken Fisher says:

    I would love to volunteer to do some artwork for Lost Art Press some time, I’d even accept damaged books for compensation


  11. Michael L Dyer says:

    Be sure to let us know when this book will be ready for sale ’cause I would really like one.


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