2 Books in the Birth Canal


This is a very rough draft of the cover for the book, which will be painted in watercolor by Andrea Love.

This year we have been so busy working on new books that we’ve barely had time to tell you what we’re working on. Two books are just weeks away from heading to the printing plant so here are some quick details.

We’ve just finished up the design work on Mary May’s massive and fantastic “The Acanthus Leaf: A Rite of Passage for the Traditional Carver” (still working on the book’s title a bit). This is the most visually complex book I’ve ever worked on. Mary has poured her heart and hands into this book. The result is a fascinating trip through history, different cultures and her long career as a professional carver.

My hope is to have this book in our hands by Thanksgiving.

Also on the verge of publishing is “From Truths to Tools” by Jim Tolpin and George Walker. This fascinating book was illustrated and hand-lettered like “By Hound & Eye” and is just as mind-blowing and fun to read. In this book, Tolpin and Walker demonstrate how geometry is baked into the tools you use every day. And then they use that geometry to create and explain other tools and techniques you can use in the shop (or on the job site).

Even if you have been woodworking all your life, this book will surprise you. It will give you deeper knowledge of how our basic tools (such as a try square) function in the universe. And it will teach you practical methods you can use in the shop.

Again, let’s hope for Thanksgiving on this one.

We’re also working on a bunch of other books as well. Details to follow as we can squeeze out the time to write about them.

— Christopher Schwarz, editor, Lost Art Press
Personal site: christophermschwarz.com

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12 Responses to 2 Books in the Birth Canal

  1. jpassacantando says:

    Any word on the forthcoming translation of the book by Surolle?

  2. nidhogg00 says:

    Are these books going to be open for pre-publication orders, and if so when?

  3. Hugo says:

    Bravo! Will certainly be waiting with anxiety for the cold and harsh of Winter (winter is coming,,,!) and dream of the fact that the Père Noël brings me the new form Tolpin and friends! Bravo again for all your tremendous work

  4. shopsweeper says:

    I see the plan: More LAP books > more people need to build shelves to hold them all > More LAP books. Very clever. Enjoy open house today! Got to go find that Sag-ulartor article by Jeff Miller…

  5. potomacker says:

    If they borrow from Blake, I expect something revolutionary.

  6. Sten Johansen says:

    This is like christmas, before the actual christmas.
    Biting nails as I await These books😜

  7. GravelRoad says:

    Awesome news on the new books. I was thinking Joshua Klein’s book was next in line for release. Anxiously waiting . . .

  8. Greg says:

    For your Canadain readers your thanksgiving or ours.

  9. John Pratt says:

    The Arcanthus Leaf: a Carver’s Rite of Passage

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