Clothing-optional Caption Challenge!




Tune-up your think melons and caption this painting.

The painting is 17th-century and by an unknown Italian artist. The companion painting featured unclad blacksmiths.

Suzanne Ellison

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63 Responses to Clothing-optional Caption Challenge!

  1. In an effort to reduce theft in the shop, Santa implemented the unconventional

  2. therealdanh says:

    The two cherubs in the front are going to grow up to be plumbers.

  3. davidmaydole says:

    aaaaand queue the Benny Hill music

  4. eeyoris21 says:

    Another busy day sees angels throwing caution to concerns over circumcision.

  5. Michael Lair says:

    When’s the boss gonna fix the air conditioning?

  6. jbakerrower says:

    Obviously, ‘The Naked Woodworker and his brothers as youths’

  7. ibratar says:

    When the foreman overheard Edvard’s remark that he was an exemplar of a tight fit between his cheeks and shoulders, the impossibility of the joinery was the least of Edvard’s concerns.

  8. No Pants Friday in the office had jumped the shark!

  9. tpobrienjr says:

    The cherubs probably know the difference between precision and accuracy.

  10. davidhickspc says:

    someone help me measure this.

  11. bluefairywren says:

    Seriously mate? The cat just vomited and I can’t concentrate back here with that view.

  12. nrhiller says:

    Wow. Breaking all the rules (about protective clothing & accessories, as well as about child labor).

  13. says:

    Well here we are naked, underage, child labors, no personal protection equipment, with sharp tools. Wait till OSHA gets this picture. Whats up with the cat, I thought she was still hawking that paste wax. Well least her hair grew back.

  14. Lee Hockman says:

    There’s the reason why cherubs are eunichs

  15. volzwgn says:

    Ahh Ha, the shoemaker’s elves doing another moonlight job at the Cabinetmakers Shoppe!

  16. Alan Garner says:

    The pre-SawStop Era.

  17. toolnut says:

    Just be thankful you’re not working in the blacksmith shop.

  18. Another woodworking class with Mike Siemsen, the naked woodworker.

  19. wooditbeso says:

    Cupid Carpentry

  20. I thought they asked if I knew how to make a butt joint. How about you?

  21. This is not what I thought they meant when they asked if I could “rip a board”, and, well, there was beer involved.

  22. Hottest damn shop I’ve ever worked in

  23. I don’t care how much it hurts, I’m not letting you take a sliver out of there.

  24. wam2b says:

    Laundry Day at the Lost Art Press workshop.

  25. From the Renaissance artist known at Tweety: I think I’ll saw with the Putti’s cat.

  26. burroborracho13 says:

    Mike Siemsen as a baby.

  27. charlie says:

    Trump fires all federal regulators and our children pay the price.

  28. Ed Clarke says:

    Hurry up! Baby needs new shoes…

  29. ejcampbell says:

    Angelic Craftsmanship

    Eric Campbell +1 617 803 4824


  30. … they were the most careful of hewers.

  31. Has anyone felt sorry for the cat?

  32. Local Cat Barely Concerned About What Naked Baby Wood Butchers Up To

  33. wooditbeso says:

    Let’s get crackin’ there’s work to be done!

  34. wooditbeso says:

    Many hineys make for quick work.

  35. wooditbeso says:

    Cherubic craft workers on full display.

  36. wooditbeso says:

    Shiver twice, cut once.

  37. erikhinkston says:

    Best job I ever had!

  38. SSteve says:

    I’m turning 54 this weekend and I still can’t get plane shavings as good as a naked baby’s.

  39. Don Schwartz says:

    When’s payday? I need a few things!

  40. Making exposed dovetails, old-school.

  41. Rich says:

    Looks like another one of Schwarz’s twisted fantasies…

  42. bdormer says:

    Boards cut square and planed smooth as a baby’s bottom… No, seriously… feel this!

  43. Nate says:

    And in other news, authorities participated in a pre-dawn raid of the Christopher Q. Schwarz Daycare and Furniture Manufactory. Officials received numerous complaints regarding the paper thickness in posters that Schwarz reportedly sells on his alt-anarchist blog. Known to neighbors as a recluse, Schwarz was seen being led out of the building while wearing a glittered halter top with “The Blaze” stenciled across the front. One individual who participated in the raid, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said he was shocked by what officers found when they entered the facility. When asked by this reporter for a comment on the conditions inside, Schwarz shouted, “It’s 17th century vernacular!” The law firm Underhill, Sparklepony, and Maneater will reportedly be representing Schwarz.

  44. Rick Belcher says:

    Eunuchs in the making!

  45. could you link to the blacksmith photo please?

  46. Brett Black says:

    the safety instructions said to remove all loose clothing…

  47. Thanks, but I’ll use my own pencil.

  48. Sam Morgan says:

    Gives a whole new meaning to the word “Saw”!

  49. sugardoc says:

    Meet our staff:

    That’s Seymour Butts on lathe.
    Paul Moon on the saw with Peter Sawyer on the receiving end.
    Yank Johnson is Jacking the wood.
    Phil McCracken is doing a bang up job on the paints.
    Taliwhaker Twins are plowing the grooves.

  50. I tell you we need to form a union, then we might be able to afford aprons.

  51. Mrs. Claus says she is TIRED of rips and stains. There, NOW let’s see if you will be more careful!

  52. There were a few peculiar custom specifications for the bespoke furniture order. We, of course, always oblige our “Gold Star” level clients.

  53. Mike Cundall says:

    So that’s how we got the kerfs on our soft sides.

  54. mdsmithjr says:

    Although confused, the workers complied when told to drop their nickers.

  55. tsstahl says:

    The Irish pre-apprentice system, circa 1730.

    (Irish because they all seem to have red hair)

  56. Venetian Buffing Compound 1530

  57. jryan1988 says:

    And now we know why nobody wants to be on Mike Siemsen’s Christmas card list.

  58. Rama-lam. Ding Dong.

  59. A rare glimpse into Roy Underhill’s workshop in the ’60s.

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