Soft Wax: Not Just for Furniture


While Katy’s soft wax is great for furniture surfaces – especially interiors – she has a new devoted customer: Crucible Tool. Unbeknownst to me, Raney and John have been using the soft wax on our improved-pattern dividers as the final finishing step.

In fact, Raney asked me to make a big batch for him so we didn’t waste so many little 4 oz. tins.

If you’d like to give soft wax a try, Katy has a batch in her etsy store that is ready for shipment. The wax is $12 per 4 oz. tin. I use it on drawers, turnings, chairs and even as a final topcoat on oil finishes.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. We hope to have a new black soft wax soon. Oh, and about the photo of the cat: The wax had nothing to do with the hair loss.

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3 Responses to Soft Wax: Not Just for Furniture

  1. captainjack1024 says:

    I was just *sure* you were gonna say that it’s an important part of a complete breakfast. Not that I’ve been spreading it on toast or anything. Ha ha, that would be silly. Don’t judge me.

  2. I was a little, lets call it apprehensive, when I saw the de-haired cat with the wax.
    The cat looks less then thrilled with the hair situation.

  3. sugardoc says:

    I also like to use it on my bench planes. I made a felt pad attached to a board about 4×10 inches long. I primed the pad with jojoba oil and then rubbed the soft wax into it till it was all “melty.” Now when my plane begins to drag I just pull it over the pad once and I’m back to work with a well lubed plane. It’s faster and more convenient than applying it with a rag.

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