Update: ‘Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power’ Video


We are on the verge of releasing a four-hour video on building a full-blown 18th-century French workbench in the next week or two. The video, starring Will Myers and me, is as complete an explanation of the process as we could manage, and it covers everything from dealing with wet slabs to what is the appropriate finish for a workbench.

In between, Will and I discuss a variety of techniques for completing every operation necessary to build a bench, no matter what sort of tools you use. For example, for making the tenons on the stretchers, we show how to cut them by hand, how to cut them on the table saw and even how to use a Domino XL in the process.

The video will be available to stream through our website, and (if all goes to plan) you will be able to download a copy of it so you can watch it while not connected to the Internet.

Before we launch the video, two things have to happen: We have to settle on the retail price of the video, and I have to complete the construction drawing that accompanies it. Unfortunately, my computer was fried in an electrical storm a few days ago (don’t worry, everything was backed up), but I don’t have a machine loaded with the suite of software I need to make the drawing.

So stay tuned.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Update: ‘Roubo Workbench: By Hand & Power’ Video

  1. I think your audience is probably something like 25% engineers. I am certain that one of us would be happy to donate some CAD time if it helps. My self included.

  2. With my plans to build a slab-top Plate 11 type bench next year, I am very excited about this new release!

  3. Martino23 says:

    Will we be able to buy this as a DVD?

  4. Sean Hynes says:

    DRM free video? Thank you!

    Between having a crappy Internet connection, crappy wifi in the workshop, Android devices and a general preference for watching videos offline, the DRM on the PW videos has always driven me crazy. Very happy to see you’re not going down this route (not that I would have expected you to anyway, as I imagine DRM doesn’t really fit with the LAP philosophy).

  5. I just finished building a bench with the BC classic vise hardware and love it! FWIW, I found the retro hardware easier to install than the sole hardware, especially without owning a drill press.

  6. samcappo says:

    This is excellent news. I am starting a new bench in the near future. After I laminate a large amount of SYP it will be just like using solid slabs!

    I do have a question.
    In reading your publications on bench building you have shown 2 methods to attach the top to the base:
    a) build the entire base, cut the top to base joints, and then trace the assembly on to the top.
    b) cut the top to base joints, trace and cut the mortise for the top, install the legs, and trace the stretchers on to the legs.

    Do you find a particular method less frustrating?

    I assume there is an option c. Stop being an engineer who is over-analyzing the problem and just get the bench built.

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