Do You Really Need That Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen?

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1024px-Edouard_Manet_-_Luncheon_on_the_Grass_-_Google_Art_Project Edouard Manet, “Dejeuner sur l’herbe”*

A recent search of kitchens on the internet turned up several articles on gourmet outdoor kitchens. These articles described in glowing terms a range of “necessities” for outside entertaining. Among these objects appeared the predictable favorites—comfortable seating, easy-to-clean tables, umbrellas for shade. But there was more. It seems that Harry and Henrietta Homeowner have moved beyond the Styrofoam cooler, charcoal grill, and paper towels of days gone by. Today’s outdoor kitchen is designed to duplicate, or perhaps even outdo, the cooking facilities inside the house. The modest cooler has been relegated to the garage in favor of an outdoor fridge and ice well sink. The charcoal grill has been replaced by a “professional” version powered by gas and made of stainless steel. Families were once content to revel in basic outdoor senses—the balmy warmth of the sun, the gentle twittering of birds, and the occasional…

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4 Responses to Do You Really Need That Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen?

  1. charlie says:

    Its all about entertaining thier dinner party guests, but since I’ve never been invited, I really dont know?

  2. Jason C. says:

    I think someone’s never been to a Southeastern Conference football tailgating event. Ostentatious cannot begin to describe.

  3. colsdave says:

    Is Nancy the lady in the foreground or the background?

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