Crucible Design Curves Now Available


You can now purchase a set of Crucible Design Curves in our online store at The set of three curves costs $37, and that price includes shipping in the United States.

These curves are laser cut at Grainwell, which is across the street from my workshop in Covington, Ky., and is run by three hard working and creative sisters. I then sand the curves in my shop in Fort Mitchell (using both machine sanding and hand sanding).

We started with several hundred sets and they are selling rapidly. So tarry not. (More curves, however, are in the pipeline if we do sell out.)

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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12 Responses to Crucible Design Curves Now Available

  1. jbjdivergmailcom says:

    Have the dividers sold out or is that the old ad

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  2. Did you sell out of dividers already?

  3. nordichomey says:

    Really like LAP and all they have done for me and woodworking in general. However, lately it seems like the LAP blog is just a mini Amazon. Just stuff for sale.

    • Hi Nordic Homey (or Nord I. Chomey),

      We try our hardest to give away as much information as we can. That’s the stated goal of this blog.

      However, we cannot do research without selling things. That’s because we don’t accept advertising, donations or participate in affiliate programs. Or crowdfunding. Or have trust funds. We try to keep the commercial posts to a minimum (today was a good mix) but we know it’s a balance that won’t make everyone happy.

      I wish I could apologize for our behavior, but it would be insincere. This is the best we can do and stay in business.

      All best always,


    • Strange that you go to a commercial business website and then complain that a business​is trying to, you know, do business.

  4. Erik Pearson says:

    I tarried not, and picked up a holdfast to go with my curves. I tend to think that the exhaustive research that LAP performs tends to result in excellent products and sage advice.

  5. benchdoxie says:

    I tarried and they sold out. ;(

  6. Nate Thomas says:

    Is there a way to set up an alert for these? I would love a set, but I have been know to tarry.

  7. Hmmmm……. What is a “Designed Bracket Foot”? Is this a teaser for a future Crucible tool? I am surprised nobody has commented about the picture. It appears to me that the papers under the design curves have been placed very carefully. I eagerly await my set of curves…..

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