Photo Gallery – Handworks 2015


A 3 Part photo gallery from Handworks 2015 is available here. This is the consolation prize for those who will not be attending Handworks this week.

—Jeff Burks

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6 Responses to Photo Gallery – Handworks 2015

  1. jarvilaluban says:

    That opening shot is just plain mean.

  2. turningsmithstudios says:

    THANK YOU !! For these wonderful photo sets, and in such detail !! Greatly appreciated !… Any chance of getting the Handworks sets available in downloadable ZIP format – Much handier to view for those of us on a Public Library Computer. Thank you !

  3. I think I have to make the trip now.

  4. Great pictures, Jeff. Looking forward to this year’s event.

  5. franktiger says:

    The lid reminds me a bit of the john branford shop sign by isaac fowle.
    Very brilliant design.

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