I am a Welshman


“I am a Welshman, and I am influenced in the chairs I make, or some of them, by old Welsh chairs. Irish chairs are as different as is possible, so are Scottish chairs. Brittany is Celtic. The people of Brittany, Cornwall and Wales speak a language which has little relation to the Irish or Scots Gaelic. Celtic (with a hard C) is difficult to define, but it is a fashionable ‘buzz’ word, as was heritage a year or two back…. I would forbid the word Celtic to be applied to my work, it is Welsh. Welsh.”

— John Brown in a letter to Drew Langsner at Country Workshops, Jan. 3, 1995

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6 Responses to I am a Welshman

  1. Jeremy says:

    That chair has some amazing details.

  2. wynnquaker says:

    I have a chair very like this one. It looks like it has been in this house since the house was built. But it is older than the house, I believe.
    It was my grandmother’s. She lived in Ynysforgan, which is where I remember it first in my life. It came to my father. Now me. The house it is now in is in Hampshire, UK.

  3. Bob Jones says:

    I’m tempted to attempt the build just to see what it feels like. It looks like I would fall on my back.

  4. meanmna says:

    Now I am curious what a Irish and Scottish chair form is if they are so different from the Welsh.

  5. Cymrum am byth!

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