Photo Gallery – Lie-Nielsen 35th Anniversary

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Summer Open House 2016

Last summer I attended the Lie-Nielsen Open House and intended to publish a photo gallery when I returned home. For various reasons beyond my control that project was shelved. I thought I would finish the project to help fill in for a slow week here on the blog. If you have never attended the open house at Lie-Nielsen I would highly recommend it. Consider making room in your schedule for the next event this July.

The gallery contains 1325 photos from the event and will use ~400MB of bandwidth per viewing. For that reason I would not recommend browsing from a cell phone unless you are connected to WiFi.

I have tested the gallery to work with all manner of desktop computers, tablets and smart phones. A direct link to the photos is available if you would prefer to just download the whole set and view them on your preferred device offline.

This is the first gallery I have posted in a long time. The software and hosting is new. The website is just an empty shell that may have unresolved bugs. If this test goes well I will be adding more galleries from other events when I get time.

—Jeff Burks


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5 Responses to Photo Gallery – Lie-Nielsen 35th Anniversary

  1. Thanks Jeff,

    It was nice to see the pieces I’ve built for Thomas are in use at the factory.


  2. Derek Long says:

    I see C. Becksvoort had the Pink Unicorn out for a trot in the wild: the LN plow.


  3. marcsitkin says:

    Brought back lots of memories of a fun event. Looking forward to this year’s.
    Here’s a few more if you haven’t seen enough:


  4. Henry Grant says:

    Sounds like you’re talking about a “galley”, not a gallery. H. Grant


  5. azezo1 says:

    Interesting contrast between the apparent ages of the Lie-Nielsen employees and the customers.


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