Printing Complete for ‘Roman Workbenches’


Brian Stuparyk at Steam Whistle Letterpress reports that he (and his family) have completed printing the letterpress pages for “Roman Workbenches.” Soon (I hope this week) the sheets will be packed up and trucked to the bindery in Massachusetts.

As you can see from the image from above, the paper and letterpress printing have a texture that I think you’ll enjoy, especially if you grew up on offset printing like most Americans.

I don’t have a date for when the bound books will be ready. Once the sheets arrive there, the bindery will be able to give me a better idea. But it won’t be long.

We have long been sold out of the entire run of “Roman Workbenches” in letterpress version, but we’re hoping that not too many sheets will get spoiled during binding and we’ll have some extras to sell. Stay tuned.

In other shameless product news, the deluxe version of “With All the Precision Possible: Roubo on Furniture” has been sent to press. We’re on track for a summer release.

— Christopher Schwarz

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2 Responses to Printing Complete for ‘Roman Workbenches’

  1. More insomnia, Mr. Schwarz? (noting time of day this appeared) I feel for you, man. Best wishes for some sleep.

  2. franktiger says:

    I don’t think I would’ve been interested in the letterpress version if I hadn’t seen the process in person. The end product smells and feels like money, very satifying.

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