Free Download: A Closer Look at Roubo’s Workshop

Are you a little bit obsessed with the workshop in Roubo’s Plate 11? Do you need a new poster for your shop or new wallpaper for your computer screen or tablet? Do you really, really want to see the wood shavings in the foreground and all the stuff leaning against the back wall?

Here’s a higher resolution scan of the workshop for your viewing pleasure: Atelier Roubo

Suzanne Ellison

P.S. My test rabbit (thanks, KP) used the scan for wallpaper on his PC and was very happy.

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12 Responses to Free Download: A Closer Look at Roubo’s Workshop

  1. Lignarium says:

    Thank you very much for the hi res scan. I am trying to find a High resolution picture of the Studley Cabinet not for commercial purposes of course. Anyone can help? cheers


  2. hgordon4 says:

    Very nice! Thanks!


  3. I still want yo know what the dodad on the left wall with the big wedge is.

    ( bottom row, third from the left)


  4. jwatriss says:

    Interesting that the clamps on the right hand wall look basically like long hold-fasts, with slide-on heads.


  5. pinusmuricata says:

    Are those tools on the left wall for real? The brace is as tall as the guys in the shop, and the others are similarly brobdingnagian.


  6. Rachael Boyd says:

    I think I will make as large as I can and put it on the wall in the school.


  7. stryder762 says:

    Thank you Suzanne!


  8. bsrlee says:

    Next time you see Roy give him a whack for missing the guy at the sharpening centre on the right – in one of his shows he makes a joke about the empty bench in the middle – its pretty obvious that the workman from that bench is just a good craftsman, off sharpening his tools. Note that there is even a separate sink at the sharpening station. And the guy coming in the door with the tiny brazier for heating the hide glue over, which explains the empty bench on the left.


  9. Carl Stammerjohn says:

    “Higher res scan” – higher than what? At 100% it doesn’t even come close to filling my screen. Where are you hiding all those pixels???


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