Big Batch of Soft Wax now Available


My daughter Katy made another monster batch of soft wax for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event last weekend and had 45 tins left over to sell in her etsy store. Check it out here.

Remember: It’s for furniture. We had some people visit the store last Saturday who seemed intent on using it on their lips, beards and what-not. It will sting, and not in a good way.

Also, don’t use it on your dog, though it would be great to have a dog that smelled like soft wax. Gerbils are right out. Parrots? Verboten. Argh. Just furniture.

— Christopher Schwarz

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5 Responses to Big Batch of Soft Wax now Available

  1. hbra12 says:



  2. bsrlee says:

    So, your recommendation about where NOT to use it – this comes from personal experience??


  3. kaunfried says:

    Who would put turpintine on there or there pet’s skin?


  4. haurykjo says:

    I used some of this wax to burnish the edges of the leather on my last Roorkee chair. Came out looking very professional, I think.


  5. What brand of turpentine does she use?


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