Last Chance to Be a Subscriber

lap-roubo-pressmark-1The deadline to be listed as a subscriber in the deluxe version of “With All the Precision Possible: Roubo on Furniture” is midnight on Wednesday, March 15. No exceptions. We need to send the list of subscribers to the printing plant to keep this project on track for a June release.

Also, a reminder: Subscribers’ names will be listed using the name on their order form unless they send a note to with alternative instructions by March 15.

Several people have asked: Can I list my company or organization instead of my name? Yes, if you let us know by March 15. Other have asked: Can I list my business address and website? No, this is not an advertising section.

Other customers have inquired about how the book is selling. I just checked and we still need to sell 60 copies to break even on the project as a whole, including the press run, trucking charges, boxes, and editing and designing fees. So John and I are still holding our breath, but we haven’t started selling our plasma.

— Christopher Schwarz

A Tour of Deluxe Roubo from Christopher Schwarz on Vimeo.

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18 Responses to Last Chance to Be a Subscriber

  1. nrhiller says:

    Man, I feel for you. This is one I just can’t afford, with everything I’ve got to cover at present. Fingers crossed for at least those 60.

  2. Salko Safic says:

    There must be a typo error on the price as it reads $550.00???

  3. lashomb says:

    I thought there would be an email to those that bought the first Deluxe book. Just happened to visit the site in time it looks like.

    • That was a request from people who had purchased the first deluxe edition. And it’s one we cannot fulfill.

      We don’t keep email addresses of customers and their purchases in a format where we can market to them. We don’t (and won’t) do email marketing.

      Sorry, but that’s just the way we have set up our business. It might leave “money on the table” but it lets us sleep at night.

      • Starius says:

        That’s an honorable practice to hold.
        Ironically, subscribing to this blog via WordPress automatically emails you (the viewer) every time you make an update here.
        That isn’t something within your control so, in truth, you can have your cake and eat it too – as they say.

        • Email updates are provided at the request of the users. Not our idea. Not our preference.

          • Dan Zehner says:

            Blog updates via email remind me that you guys still exist and are doing awesome things, and haven’t succumbed to some horrible disease or been hit by a pie truck. Keep them coming!

            • Dan Zehner says:

              Just an edit: the need to have blog updates via email to remind me that you still exist says more about my memory than anything, methinks. Also I probably need to feature your books more prominently on my bookshelf so I run into them more often! And I definitely need to come visit you at the next open house. 🙂

      • gilgaron says:

        I suppose that’s clever in case you ever decide to sell the business.

  4. hbra12 says:

    Not a Deluxe question but… I have just received the standard edition (great job, as we have come to expect from LAP) and was wondering why the translation apparently begins with Chapter 2 Page 22 according to your “A Key to the Text”.

    • hbra12 says:

      Perhaps I am not being clear?

      • Apologies for the delay. It takes time to research and respond to all queries, and there are only two of us who do this.

        The translation does indeed begin with page 22 of Roubo’s original text. The translation team decided to omit the first chapter on basic geometry. As you will see when you read the entire book, there are gaps in the page numbering. This is for one of two reasons: either there was a section that did not deal with furniture (so it was skipped) or the section was omitted for other reasons, usually because the interest in it would be narrow.

        One example of this is we skipped the section on liturgical furniture. While we know it would be of interest to some, there is only so much time, energy and room in the book.

  5. Starius says:

    Just out of curiosity, I sent a email on the 12th regarding a slight modification to my printed name. Never got a reply back, so I don’t know if it was received or not. Is that normal? If so, I won’t worry about it. I understand Meghan is probably busy. I just don’t want it to get lost in the shuffle as the deadline draws near.

    • disneytodd says:

      I have had more than my fair share of emails lost in the black hole of internet space out there in some far off galaxy. Just keep trying and eventually you will get a response from them at warp speed.

      • Starius says:

        I did end up getting a reply and confirmation, yesterday. All my worry was for naught! But better safe than sorry, as they say.

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