‘Hammerschlager’ – the Local Rules



Tonight we’re playing a variant of the Hammerschlager game made popular by Mike Siemsen at Woodworking in America. We’re playing at Rhinegeist brewing. Schlaging starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 10:30 p.m. The prize: The last of our “With Hammer in Hand” letterpress posters.

Hammerschlager is a game of skill played with a stump, a cross-peen hammer and nails. Two opponents take turns attempting to sink a nail using the peen side of hammer. The first one to sink the head flush or below the surface of the stump wins.

Here are the local rules for the game tonight.

  1. If you break or abuse any of the equipment (especially the hammers), you’re done – disqualified.
  2. You may face a particular opponent only once. Period. In other words, you cannot play against a person more than once. Once only you shall face a particular opponent. Don’t cheat.
  3. You start the stroke with the peen of the hammer resting on the stump.
  4. If the nail is knocked crooked, your opponent may straighten the nail to vertical before taking his or her turn.
  5. The loser of the round marks the winner’s forearm with a slash using a marker (provided). The person with the most marks at 10:30 p.m. wins the poster.
  6. The winner of the round is allowed to face the next opponent immediately. The loser has to return to the back of the line and find another opponent.
  7. All disagreements are settled by the judge (me). Decisions are final. It’s just a stupid game. Don’t make me hate you.
  8. This is not a drinking game. You may drink while you play if you like, but drinking is not required, requested, suggested or smiled upon. It’s just a dumb game.

See you tonight.

— Christopher Schwarz


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9 Responses to ‘Hammerschlager’ – the Local Rules

  1. In Austria we play it with a bricklayers hammer and you have to hit the nail with the peen.

    Every competitor has it’s own nail, the hammer goes round.

    And yes you drink a Schnaps after every hit as long as your nail is not flush with the stump.

    Have fun!

  2. Jeff Hanna says:

    For other wood related games, do a search on the Czech game “woodkopf” where two people awkwardly try to balance a board on their head while knocking their opponents’ off.

  3. mrogen says:

    All I can say is I wish I could be there! But all I can say is you are al lucky I’m not not there. Oh this isn’t a drinking game? Never mind. Using a hammer while, battling ALS could result in several trips to the hospital from unsuspecting bystanders. That might put a downer on the evening!
    Pleas have a grea, great time. And if you’re still sober, hoist a couple for me.
    Wish I was there!

  4. foodpump says:

    Can we grease the nailheads with earwax?

  5. Tom Moore says:

    Let’s hear it for American men – often called the “8th graders” of humanity. Wear the badge proudly in Kentucky!

  6. Aw crap! I’ve been practicing for the wrong game!

  7. Any word on when the improved schlagerhammer will be in the crucible store?

  8. apalmer180 says:

    Our version is just called ‘Stump’ and you have to flip the hammer once in the air before swinging. And it’s a drinking game. Legendarily called ‘The flat out dumbest man game I’ve ever heard of, my ever loving God, how did you survive to adulthood?’ by my wife loudly in a backyard full of man playing Stump.

  9. Trevor Walsh says:

    Does anyone know what’s up with the guys at “Hammer-Schlagen”? If Chris owned the company I’d say it was a great gag, but they seem like some real uptight lawyers. They even sell franchises for hammering nails into a log! http://www.hammerschlagen.com/about_us/

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