Where’s My $%#$@ ‘Roubo on Furniture’ Book?

LAP_logo2_940When you order a book from us, you are supposed to receive an email when the book has been received by the shipping company. When the shipper scans the book – beep – that sends the message to our store’s software. And our software sends a message to you with tracking information.

Sometimes, USPS isn’t very good about scanning packages in a timely manner. Sometimes they don’t get scanned. And so you don’t get an email. But you will get your book.

We have complained (a lot) to USPS. They are overworked so I doubt this will change.

So apologies for the delayed emails or emails that didn’t come.

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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13 Responses to Where’s My $%#$@ ‘Roubo on Furniture’ Book?

  1. brinkreview says:

    Guess USPS is too busy scanning Amazon orders to bother with a li’l old book shop.

  2. parks2167 says:

    Perhaps they are too busy kicking other packages like the 1/4″ cherry plywood I got last week with all four corners damaged. Oh well.

  3. When I order a book from LAP, I suppose I do glance at any emails I get about it, but I don’t really pay them much mind. I sit back and stop worrying about it because I know you know your shit. I know you’re not messing around with my money. I know you run a tight ship and have put your life blood into LAP and you will do your part in making sure it doesn’t fail. I know I’m ordering a quality product and that it will get here when it gets here, regardless of how much I wring my hands or click some tracking button or pester you with emails.

    You’re doing a great job, Chris. I appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to my next Roubo book and I think I’m getting ready to pick up all of the Hayward books, so I’ll look forward to those when they arrive. And I won’t fret about them between the time I click “Complete Order” and the time they arrive at my door.

  4. gilgaron says:

    Will you have copies at the event this weekend?

  5. Jim Littiken says:

    Okay, This is the last straw. First I get an email saying my copy of the book will be here Thursday. Then it get here today Thursday and not even damaged. So there was still hope maybe once I get it out of the heat shrink wrapper. Yes plastic wrapper so even in my old leaky mail box it is protected. Will there’s a chance printed in crayon and I will be able to bitch about that. No Just as nice as all LAP books. I guess there is still hope that I can yell at some kids for being on the grass. Jim

  6. Richard Owen says:

    My book arrived in perfect condition today and I am enjoying it; comment: TABLE FOR BOARDS, page 10 seems to have errors – thickness of 1 line?, width of 1 or 9 lines?.

    Please verify and correct as required.

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