A Video Tour of a Deluxe Roubo Book

If you have never seen one of our deluxe versions of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry,” this tour will give you a small taste of the scale of the book and the quality of its components.

Since the release of this book (it’s long since sold out), people have come by the storefront or to shows to see a copy and it’s always a treat to see their reaction. First, they are amazed at the size – 12-1/4” wide x 17-1/4” tall. It’s uncommon to see a book of this size outside of a library’s rare book room.

But my favorite part is when they open the book. The printing and detail is so crisp that no matter how close you get, it holds up.

Oh, and the A.J. Roubo translations themselves are an incredibly important piece of woodworking history. Roubo’s “l’art d’Menuisier” is still the legal yardstick in many countries for what is good workmanship. And this is the first time his sections on furniture are being printed in English.

On Wednesday at noon we will begin taking pre-publication orders for the deluxe version of “With All the Precision Possible: Roubo on Furniture.” Full details on the book are available here. We are printing 1,000 copies, which will ship this summer.

Also, I neglected to mention that everyone who purchases a deluxe copy of the book will receive a pdf download of the standard edition. It will be delivered after you checkout.

— Christopher Schwarz

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  1. lignumvitay says:

    Can you expand on the above statement: “Roubo’s “l’art d’Menuisier” is still the legal yardstick in many countries for what is good workmanship. ” Legal? Really? I am very curious!

  2. dsgoen says:

    I have the deluxe version of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible: Roubo on Marquetry”, and it is wonderful quality. It’s a tad big for the shop, however. Was a PDF version produced? And if so, how can I get it?

  3. Just to close the feedback loop….When these blog posts which contain videos make it to my inbox, they do not contain the video. If not for the wording in the posts, I would not know there was a video associated with it. I don’t think it used to be this way. Of course savvy people know they can click on the blog post title and it takes them to the web-version which does contain the video….but I’m not that savvy.

    • Matthew,

      We haven’t changed anything in the way we embed files – so something has changed that we cannot control. When I receive the email to my personal account it has the video embedded in it. So I’m at a loss as to what to do….

      All best,


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