It’s Early! ‘The Woodworker Vol. IV’

hayward_cover4_img_2253The Woodworker, The Charles H. Hayward Years, Vol. IV, The Shop & Furniture” wasn’t supposed to arrive in our warehouse until next week, but it’s here now. And, according to the photos John sent me, it looks fantastic.

Our warehouse will begin shipping all of the pre-publication orders on Wednesday. Then it should take about five to seven business days for the book to arrive in your mailbox.

This is the final volume of “The Woodworker” series, and it caps many years of work by people all over the country and globe. The four volumes comprises 1,492 pages of work spanning 30 years of writing in The Woodworker magazine in Great Britain.

The final volume covers two broad topics: the workshop, plus furniture forms and styles. The workshop section discusses workbenches, tool chests and useful appliances for handwork. The section on furniture forms and styles gives you an education in different historical styles (and their hardware), plus hand-drafted shop drawings of historical pieces.

The book is $39 (that price includes shipping to the U.S. and Canada) and can be ordered from our store here.

Like all of our books, this one is made entirely in the United States: printed and bound in Michigan from durable materials. The hardback book is casebound. The signatures are section-sewn, glued and assembled with a tough fiber tape.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Many readers have asked if we are going to offer all four volumes as a set for a special price. The answer is: no. We never punish our customers who are early adopters. The price can only go up, as the cost of raw materials goes up.

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6 Responses to It’s Early! ‘The Woodworker Vol. IV’

  1. Thats so cool that its printed in my home state! Really enjoy all the LAP books that i have read so far.

  2. Salko Safic says:

    This is what books should cost and I feel disadvantaged living so far away that your books don’t end up on my shelves. High quality books that are of interest to me are impossible to find especially that I want them to survive to be in the hands of my future grandchild or childs that get the woodworking bug. Because of this I started writing my own journal to leave behind, the cover is great but the paper is like toilet paper. I picked this book because it looks like something out of the 17th or 18th century and I even bought a beautiful Italian handmade quilt pen, but I can’t use it on that paper. Just darn shame.

  3. thomasobrienjr says:

    Chris, can you create a PDF of the cumulative index for all four volumes? It would really be handy to have that. Thanks in advance.

  4. So, it’ll start shipping middle of next week and arrive around the middle of next week? Did I understand correctly?

    Really looking forward to having the complete set to peruse.

  5. mushmule says:

    Just got my volume IV today! Now that I have all four I can die happy! I dove right in to the workbench section. I haven’t started building my own yet, but what a gold mine of information! And my pleasure wouldn’t be complete without a nit-pick! Hey Chris, check out the captions on page 1199!

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