And Now With Even More Soft Wax


Funky Winkerbean the cat likes what he smells! (I think. Hard to tell with him.)

This week, Katy has been crazy busy down in the workshop making soft wax. In fact, she mixed and packaged 77 tins in three days – a new record. I asked her today what kicked her into high gear.

“I need money for food and stuff and….”

And what?

“Maybe a potter’s wheel.”

Last week, Katy’s art class took a tour of a commercial pottery. And when the potters asked if any of the students had used a wheel, Katy raised her hand (she’s taken a couple classes on using the wheel). By the end of the tour they had offered her a summer job, and Katy remembered her love of throwing pots.

So she made a bunch of wax. And now she has her eye on a wheel.

I’m not going to dissuade her. If you would like some wax, now is a good time to buy it and stock up (I’m buying a couple tins myself). It’s a really excellent soft paste with a gorgeous smell – perfect for the interior surfaces of woodwork or for restoring wooden surfaces that have become dried out by time or weather.

You can order it from her etsy store here.

— Christopher Schwarz, who might be surrendering part of his shop to a young potter.

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9 Responses to And Now With Even More Soft Wax

  1. Rachael Boyd says:

    gots to help the kid out

  2. haraldh74 says:

    Aww, no shipping to Norway. Oh, well…

  3. mcdara says:

    Your not going to build her a kick wheel? I’m shocked.

  4. Chris, would this wax work for handsaw and plane totes?

  5. I think there are worse things that sacrificing part of your shop to a part time potter.

    My Tiny Human (TM) is interested in learning some pottery skills, as well, after we watched a man throw pots at an old French Fort in southern IL last summer. A friend of mine in Augusta is willing to teach him, once he gets his pottery equipment set up.

    We have a kick-wheel in the basement at my parents’ house that is in pretty good condition. The top is rusty, but nothing some Rust Erasers (TM) won’t quickly take care of. It’s a bit unwieldy, but I’ve moved heavier and more awkward objects (I’m looking at you, 1950’s Rockwell Benchtop Drillpress), so I’m not worried. The problem, I think, is going to be firing his stuff in a kiln…

    When I was little, I used to spend summers with my Grandma in St. Louis. She would take me to drawing and pottery classes at SLAM and gardening classes at SLBG. It’s hard to describe the warmth I feel watching my own son have interest in these things on his own. And he’ll always have room in my shop for him to explore his interest in art.

  6. jaredtohlen says:

    I took ceramics classes in college and loved it, so I’ve briefly investigated what it would take to get into it as a hobby. It’s not easy, nor cheap—a lot of dedicated space and equipment. If she got a job doing it, that would be awesome! I’ll help contribute to the cause for sure. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of the wax anyhow.

  7. And all your scraps she can use for wood-firing her pots. 😉

  8. Made a contribution to the potters fund. Looking forward to her teaching us about Roman Potters Wheels.

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