Moravian Work Bench in South Korea

In the years since I wrote about and hosted a video on building the knockdown workbench from the collection at Old Salem, N.C., folks have sent me hundreds of photos of the benches they have built. I absolutely love getting these. I am always interested to see the different  vise set-ups, materials and alterations different people have done with the design.


I few days ago, Luther Shealy sent some photos of a Moravian work bench he has nearly completed. Shealy is in the U.S. Army stationed in South Korea. He had to leave his Roubo bench behind when he was deployed overseas.


Fortunately the Army base has a morale and welfare shop the servicemen can use, and he decided to build a bench for use while in Korea. He was able to source the pine parts of the bench on location, but the oak part proved to be problem. Undeterred, Shealy had friends back home mail him enough white oak for the short stretchers. He brought the oak vise chop over in his luggage; that must have been interesting trip thru TSA!



I very much admire Shealy’s determination to make this happen in a less-than-ideal situation.

— Will Myers



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4 Responses to Moravian Work Bench in South Korea

  1. John Hippe says:

    Awesome work and determination

  2. hgordon4 says:

    Very resourceful. Great looking bench!
    Thanks to Mr. Shealy for his service and keeping an eye on that nut on the other side of the DMZ.

  3. Brian says:

    I’m leaning more and more toward building one of these myself. He did an amazing job considering he most likely didn’t have the proper tools.

  4. Brian says:

    Now that I look back through the photos again my gaze went beyond the bench. He looks fairly well tooled for it.

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