DIY Poster: A Roubo Montage

It must be Poster Day at Lost Art Press.

After finishing an index for one of the LAP books I usually put together  a small personal souvenir. A few of the pages from “Woodworking in Estonia” (the ones that gave me indexer fatigue) were folded into origami and are tucked into the pages of the book. To mark the end of my work on “With All The Precision Possible – Roubo on Furniture Making” I put all the workers and some of the tools into one image.

The montage can be printed up to a 16″ x 20″ poster (a bit smaller than A2). I have had the image test printed at two nationwide office supply chains and it makes a decent poster for the workshop. If you want some nice woodworker-themed gift wrap have it printed on newsprint.

Here is the pdf for the Roubo Montage: roubo-montage-04feb17

By the way the pdf has two pages….the second page is blank.

Suzanne Ellison

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6 Responses to DIY Poster: A Roubo Montage

  1. hgordon4 says:

    That’s cool Suzanne, thanks!

  2. Alan Garner says:

    Fantastically, thanks! Appreciate the “gift.”

  3. abtuser says:

    Yeah, very nice Suzanne, thanks!

  4. Ken Presser says:

    Very nice, really like the montage. I just wish it were oriented in a landscape fashion so I could use it as wallpaper on my PC.

  5. franktiger says:

    I would like to print it tint it and use in place of wall paper inside campaine bookcase with glazed doors of course.

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