New Stickers – and a New Way to Order Them

Maddy has sold out of her first run of stickers, and we have three new designs that we are offering to everyone worldwide.

These die-cut vinyl stickers are made in the United States and are strong enough that you can use them outdoors (not that we would suggest you put them on the backs of traffic signs or anything).

You can order the stickers one of two ways. For customers in the United States, you can send a $5 bill and a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) to Maddy at:

Stick it to the Man
P.O. Box 3284
Columbus, OH 43210

Maddy will take your SASE and put three high-quality vinyl stickers – one of each design – in your envelope and mail it to you immediately. (If you send $10, she’ll send two sets; $15 will get you three sets). She also has been throwing in some bonus stickers….

For customers outside the United States (or those who don’t want to use an SASE), you can order stickers through Maddy’s etsy store. Stickers there are $6 for domestic customers. Because of the international postage, sets are $10 for international (sorry, but there are fees and this and that).

This little sticker business has been a huge boon for Maddy and making ends meet at college. She also is delighted when people send photos, notes, stickers or what have you. Your kindness has impressed a college student.

— Christopher Schwarz

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2 Responses to New Stickers – and a New Way to Order Them

  1. Eric R says:

    If you can’t help a struggling college kid, who can you help?
    It’s going in the mail tomorrow Maddy.

  2. Hi folks, just thought I’d check in on my stickers. I’d asked in an earlier post back in December whether I could send along USD for shipment to Canada. I received a resounding yes, so I mailed an envelope out with $20USD enclosed around Dec. 15, 2016. As I haven’t received any stickers yet, I was curious if my envelope ever arrived, or if there was some other problem.

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