Another Roubo with Shelf


Another Roubo with shelf: I mostly plane at this bench so I keep all my go-to bench planes on the shelf. Notice I over-built the frame to add enough mass to fully eliminate any motion under planing action. The bench sits a bit away from the wall to provide wall space to store my handsaws.

— Jim Tolpin

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11 Responses to Another Roubo with Shelf

  1. Martino23 says:

    What is at the bottom of the wall cabinet? Is it a pull out shelf? Or a thin drawer? Love the window, wish I had a place to put one in my shop. Nice looking working area.

    • jtolpin says:

      You guessed right: a pull out shelf to set the pull out drawers. Don’t use it much, but its handy when I do. I built the 24 light window on the bench by the way. Hand planes only and help from the writings of Hayward and Underhill. Now I know why they are called “panes”.

  2. Ryan Cheney says:

    That is some shop porn right there.

  3. A beautiful place to work, really well considered. Would love to see more of the hanging tool cabinet.

  4. richardmertens says:

    How do you like the vises on your bench–especially the wagon vise on the end? Would you recommend it to others?

    • jtolpin says:

      Vise hardware by Benchcrafted. Yes, highly recommended. Only very occasional downside to the wagon vise is inherent characteristic of lack of opening to front edge of bench.

  5. Jim most days my Gramercy Holdfasts work incredibly well but yesterday (a rainy day with a little moisture in the air and a slight chill) the holdfasts have been bouncing out of the hole rather than living up to their name when I give them a solid blow with the hammer.

    Our workbenches are similar and I see you have 2 Gramercy Holdfasts on your bench so I have to ask if you experienced any problems like that.

    It was the oddest thing.

    • Ryan Cheney says:

      Richard Macguire (sp?) aka the English Woodworker has a video about improving the grip of holdfasts like that with a punch. It’s probably on Youtube. It seemed to help my Gramercy holdfasts. Of course, one would be remiss if failing to mention the new Crucible holdfasts as an alternative.

      • Hello Ryan. Thanks. I have seen Richard Maguire’s video. The Gramercy Holdfasts were working really well before so I’d like to understand what changed before I do anything else. I did not know about the Crucible Holdfast or Crucible Tool. Thanks for the heads up! That’s exciting news.

  6. Jim, what are you tracking on your clipboards? Inventory? Shop time? Lunch menus? I must know.

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