Please Excuse the Interruption in Service


During the last week my family and I rode mules to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to stay at Phantom Ranch. (John, you’ll be happy to know I didn’t fall into the canyon so you don’t need to look for a new business partner.)

I’m granting myself a few more days of radio silence, but I will return the workshop and blogging later this week.

— Christopher Schwarz

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28 Responses to Please Excuse the Interruption in Service

  1. amvolk says:

    The hat suits you!


  2. Martin Green says:

    You looking for a part in the Revanant 2


  3. rwyoung says:

    Neither the mule or you should feel self-conscious about your ears or hair. Some things are just meant to be so.


  4. dtugboat says:

    Merry Christmas, and enjoy that trip


  5. toolnut says:

    Merry Christmas. Couldn’t help but notice that your mule’s ears are clocked.


  6. Merry Christmas and a happy new year – everything posted here for the remainder of 2016 is pure bonus. Enjoy your time off – Looking forward to 2017 in the same elevated spirit!


  7. Robert Diehl says:

    That is the easy way. The right way is to hike down with a pack on your back


  8. It’s great when things that have superlatives in their names actually live up to or even surpass those superlatives. The Grand Canyon is one of those things. Merry Christmas!


  9. Paul Straka says:

    A very special place. Merry Christmas!!


  10. fitz says:

    That is an awesome picture. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time!


  11. Rachael Boyd says:

    “you can take the train or you can ride the mule they are both the same price.” Ron White

    the mule looks like a lot more fun…have a good time. Merry Christmas…


  12. cmwright2014 says:

    Well deserved. Enjoy.


  13. Ken Mosley says:

    Practice extreme vigilance, you resemble some of the “old West desperadoes that may still be “wanted, dead or alive”!!!!


  14. Reminds me of Josey Wales?


  15. Franky says:

    Given your audience it takes real guts to post a picture of you on an ass😀😀
    Merry Christmas


  16. Quercus Robur says:

    That’s a fresh new approach to hide glue and campaign furniture spare parts! If the mule knew…


  17. charlie says:

    Check out the pinus ponderosa on the upper rim.


  18. ouidavincent says:

    Awesome! Isn’t this a scene out of “City Slicker”?


  19. flatironjoe says:

    We were down there two years ago at this time. Chilly up top, perfect down at Phantom Ranch. Enjoy! We were on foot, which is more to our taste, but at least your way you don’t end up having to walk through what the mules leave behind on the trail.


  20. Gerald Hasty says:

    Real men walk it from rim to rim. Hated the pace of the mule train getting in my way. That really broke my cadence.


  21. What was the name of that movie… “Schwarz Down Under”? Great photo, great trip. I rode a mule into the canyon when I was 14 on one of my more memorable family trips.


  22. Real men make their own tack cloths.


    Awesome hat. Hope you and your family have a wonderful break, Chris. Do let me know about those ideas on sycamore seat blanks I sent your way. Happy to help out if I can.



  23. Thomas Hoyt says:

    Chris’ Wardrobe Department worked overtime to get him properly attired for that trip. Lookin’ good.


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