Last Batch of Soft Wax for 2016


Katy has cooked up 35 tins of soft wax – the last batch she’ll be able to make this year.

If the wax is intended as a Christmas present, you might want to order sooner rather than later. We mail the wax via USPS first class. That service is pretty speedy, but you never know this time of year.

The wax is available in her etsy store here.

Personal note: Thanks to everyone who has purchased wax from her this year. Katy has learned a lot about running a business and found she likes working for herself rather than the big grocery store (I wonder where she gets that from?).

— Christopher Schwarz

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4 Responses to Last Batch of Soft Wax for 2016

  1. Would make a great present, but I guess I’ll have to pick it up myself eventually – So awesome you are in business for yourself Katy! You go girl! …and merry Christmas to everyone!

  2. jamesrcorr says:

    I picked up two tins in late November. Chris, do you think the soft wax over shellac would be a good finish for a redwood bookshelf? I’m making one for my wife for Christmas out of reclaimed redwood and black iron pipe. I want a finish that has the soft sheen of shellac, but I also want it to be durable enough.

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