Yes, We Still Have Stickers


My daughter Maddy has been stuffing envelopes this afternoon and reports she still has more than 300 sticker sets left. So don’t worry about us running out.

Several customers have included notes that say: If you are out of stickers, it’s no problem. Keep the $5 for your education.

And people say this is a mean world.

If you’d like a set of stickers for your very own, send an SASE and a $5 bill to:

Stick it to the Man
P.O. Box 3284
Columbus, OH 43210

Maddy will take your SASE and put three high-quality vinyl stickers – one of each design – in your envelope and mail it to you immediately. (If you send $10, she’ll send two sets; $15 will get you three sets). These are the nicest die-cut stickers we could find and should even be suitable for outdoor use, according to the manufacturer. The stickers are made in the United States, of course.

This is Maddy’s second job, by the way. She also intubates pigs for a research lab.

By the way, Katy has been making more wax and we have some up in her etsy store now. Check that out here – there’s plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 Responses to Yes, We Still Have Stickers

  1. erikhinkston says:

    Just got mine today, they are of the highest quality. I see the bonus secret sticker in the photo, very sneaky, very sneaky. Based on the selection I am sending a second order in…

  2. It is a mean world but woodworkers are in a world of their own. I don’t know a woodworker that won’t give you the wood off his back.

  3. Does the SASE require US stamps to get back to Canada?

  4. edfurlong says:

    Got my stickers the other day–Lovely and now deciding the favored locales for application of said stickers. Thanks for the prompt service Maddy!

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