Lost Art Press Stickers Now Available


We’ve long wanted to offer Lost Art Press stickers to decorate your tool chests, machinery and guitar cases. But it was difficult to fulfill them without losing our shirts on warehouse fees or spending our days stuffing envelopes (when we should be making books and furniture).

My oldest daughter, Maddy, has agreed to take on the task of managing the stickers and fulfilling the orders; she’ll also make a few dollars on the side as a result. She’s an animal science major at Ohio State University, so every penny helps because we’re paying out-of-state tuition.

We’re eventually going to offer a way to order these on the web and send them to international customers. But until we can work that out without getting swallowed by fees, we’re going to do it a real old fashioned way.

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with a $5 bill to the following address:

Stick it to the Man
P.O. Box 3284
Columbus, OH 43210

Maddy will take your SASE and put three high-quality vinyl stickers – one of each design – in your envelope and mail it to you immediately. These are the nicest die-cut stickers we could find and should even be suitable for outdoor use, according to the manufacturer. The stickers are made in the United States, of course.

We’ve made 500 of each design. When we run out, we’ll issue three new designs.

Note: We don’t have any of these stickers at our Lost Art Press warehouse. Heck, I have only one set (it cost me $5). So asking for special favors from our customer service department won’t work (or help them do their job). We hope to roll out this sticker offer to everyone on earth soon, but these things take time. So please be patient with us.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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27 Responses to Lost Art Press Stickers Now Available

  1. I love the way you have engaged your Daughters in the enterprise.

  2. rickbowles says:

    Will a #10 business envelope work for the return?

  3. Sweet William Woodworking says:

    Chris – not to interfere with Maddie’s business model, but sites like Amazon sell items that are “add-on only” and can’t be purchased individually. Maybe that’s a suitable model for stickers going forward? $5 added to the cost of a book and the stickers are thrown in the package?

    • jayedcoins says:

      Great idea… if Shopify (I think that’s what LAP is using) has a way to configure a rule to make this automatic. Otherwise, I think they’d still run into the same order processing headache that they want/need to avoid at this stage, because whoever is dispatching the orders to the warehouse would need to validate the order meets the threshold.

      That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shopify has the ability to configure rules, but I don’t know off hand. Sure would be awesome!

  4. Love the sticker designs, looking forward to when you can ship to Canada!

  5. Ooohhh, I feel like it’s 1994 and I just discovered a new indie record label!

  6. amccork says:

    What company did you use to print the stickers?

  7. meanmna says:

    Yea! Mine just went in the box and the ref flag is raised. Hopefully I get mine there before all are gone. I never seem to be able to make it to any event where the stickers are available. I am hoping M&T does another run on their “Don’t Blame Me I Voted for Roy Underhill” stickers as well.

  8. stradlad68 says:

    Envelope and $$ are in the tender care of the USPO. Looking forward to the stickers. Glad and proud that I can help another Buckeye!

  9. neitsdelf says:

    >… we’re going to do it a real old fashioned way.

    Yeah, child labor!

  10. My SASE and cash are in the mail, Maddy. Cheers!

  11. Approximate weight of three stickers? Under 1 ounce or under two ounces? I have a stash of US stamps here in Canada but need to confirm the weight range for the SASE so I get the right postage back to Canada. Thanks!

  12. Patrick Gill says:

    My envelope is on the way. I hope Maddy and the rest of the clan are safe and sound after this morning at OSU.

  13. Tempus Fugit. Maddy is in college! Congratulations to your family.

  14. Pauls Home Email says:

    Christopher, Hope your daughter is OK in the aftermath of the violence at OSU. As a former small faith based university campus president, I know how such events touch the lives of every student on campus. Just wanted you and her to know we carry the students, faculty, staff and administration in our thoughts and hearts. Grace and peace, Paul Armes Lubbock. TX

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  15. charlie says:

    You guys are following the Spencer Gifts business model; stickers, t-shirts and posters! At least you have decent literature to round out your catalog.

  16. Man, I just spent $12 bucks on some soft wax…I guess the other kid is going to need some money too. Have to play fair.

  17. edfurlong says:

    Sheesh–happily married 33 years and I have to ask: what the heck is a marriage mark? I may have one (thong not included) and not even know it!

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