‘The Woodworker Vol. III, Joinery’ Ships this Week


I picked up two cases of “The Woodworker: The Charles H. Hayward Years, Vol. III, Joinery” in Indiana today so we’ll have it at the Lost Art Press storefront on Dec. 10 – our final open day for 2016.

The book looks spectacular. Crisp and tightly bound. I won’t bore you with the measurements of the fore edge or discuss paper weights. (We hear you, it’s boring.)

This week the warehouse will begin shipping out all the copies that were ordered before the publication date. You should receive an email when that happens, and the book should be in your hands within a week after it ships. Of course, the weather, sunspots and coyote malfeasance could delay that.


The next book in the pipeline is Vol. IV of “The Woodworker” series. This final volume is on workshop stuff (workbenches and tool chests), furniture and its details, plus a few philosophical surprises at the end.

Kara Gebhart Uhl, our managing editor, has finished up her edit of this book. Then Megan Fitzpatrick and I will give it a final once-over before it goes to press. My guess is it will be out in late January.

Also in the works is Mary May’s book on carving the acanthus leaf. That book will go to the designer on Saturday. It might take a while to design the book because the book is quite complex, with hundreds of photos and illustrations.

And finally, “Roubo on Furniture” is dilated at 9cm. Designer Wesley Tanner needs to make some repairs to the layout (don’t ask; it’s painful) and we need to rebuild the index. We are still gunning to get that to the printer before the end of the year and out on the streets by February.

Those are all the books for which I have updates. If you ask: “But what about XXX book?” my answer will be: “Sorry, I don’t know.” All the other books we’ve discussed are being worked on by their authors and are out of our hands.

What I do know is that we have four new book projects to announce in the coming week. Some of them are ridiculously ambitious, plus translations and books that should have been written long ago.

I’m still hoping for a 16-page picture book on happy snails.

— Christopher Schwarz

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7 Responses to ‘The Woodworker Vol. III, Joinery’ Ships this Week

  1. nbreidinger says:

    Perhaps a reprint of John Brown’s “Welsh Stick Chairs”?! Ok, ok, fine I’ll just check the blog every day…. Carry on with your noble task.

  2. Well some people may think details of binding, paper, stitching and so forth are boring but I do not. If you were to slide these into a “box” somewhere on your posts those of us who are interested can read them and the plebs can skip.

    Ever since being the Librarian in my school I have been annoyed and intrigued by how and why publishers vary the sizes of their books. Sometimes with large art books for example, it is quite obvious. It is also very irritating as my aesthetically pleasant and tidy rows of books are disturbed by sometimes minor variations of size for which I can see no good reason. Leather bound books of the eighteen and nineteenth centuries were of a pretty much standard size so why so much variation these days? Quite apart from anything else it wastes space.

    Does my favourite publishers have a policy?

    • Amen! I love the LAP books I have so far are the same dimensions and sit beautifully next to one another.**

      I may just have to open my Campaign Furniture and build a special bookcase for my LAP books with the tools from The Anarchist Tool Chest** but not sure how I will put the Moldings in[to] Practice – that will take some consideration.

      *except for By Hound and Eye
      ** stored in a Dutch Tool Chest – blasphemy to some

  3. jayedcoins says:

    LAP is clearly just and advanced con designed to separate me from my money. Wake up sheeple!

    Jokes aside… amazing looking stuff. Can’t wait to add a couple more titles to my shelf.

  4. abtuser says:

    Hmmm…I think I want the XXX book. First I’ve heard of one in print here.

  5. Scott Taylor says:

    Looking forward to adding it to the collection, thanks for the great work!!

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