Lost Art Press Storefront’s Paint Job Complete


Today the painters finished their job on the Lost Art Press storefront. There were a lot of details to manage, and a lot of cold weather to weather. But a crew of six guys spent the entire day going over every nook of the building, calling to each other to rework a detail or cover up a bare spot.

I’m quite pleased. And my neighbors are even more pleased – they’ve been interrupting the painters all week to tell them what a good job they are doing.

While I’m happy, I’m also trying to keep up. Today I built a new transom window for the side of the building that faces south. And I have two more transom windows to make. I also have to add a coat of wax to the front door and seal up the threshold below the new front door. And… the list is endless. Old buildings are fantastic obligations.

Despite my long to-do list, the next couple days will be all about cooking and eating for me. Thanksgiving is the only holiday I take seriously. It’s not about commerce. There are no greeting cards or gifts to buy. It’s just about getting together with the people you like and sharing a meal.

I hope you have the same sort of day – no matter where you live.

— Christopher Schwarz


About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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36 Responses to Lost Art Press Storefront’s Paint Job Complete

  1. volzwgn says:

    Looks terrific! The dark gray really anchors the front of the building, and the other colors harmonize well. Explain the white diamonds on the mansard roof… Did Elizabeth Taylor sleep there?

  2. Congratulations! The building looks great! I hope to get up to see it in person soon.

  3. tombuhl says:

    I like it…and in the spirit of the season. I am thankful it is your To-Do List. Enjoy your food, friends and fun kitchen time.

  4. Beautiful job. All you need now is a sign for your business. Maybe on the window.

  5. tmsbmx says:

    It looks fantastic. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

  6. fitz says:


  7. abtuser says:

    I just drove by a wild Tom eating lunch right out by the street in town today. Brave, very brave this time of year. Building looks great. Happy Turkey Day!

  8. erikhinkston says:

    I’m sure sometimes you hear “You’re doing it wrong”. I would say “You’re doing it right!”

  9. I agree heartily–Thanksgiving is the best for all the best reasons. I think of it and the 4th as our most American of holidays. Have a great one! ?? Rick Bowen

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  10. leeboyz86 says:

    The paint job is impressive – helps to make the building something really special – but it is the work you are doing that really makes the project a success.

  11. It looks quite handsome, dude. I love it! I wish you and your beautiful family a very happy Thanksgiving.

    Hope to see you again, soon.

  12. danieltikhon says:

    Your building looks so good! I hope I’ll be able to visit in person one of these day. It’s too winter-like here in Minnesota.


    Dann Chapman

  13. jasonslyons says:

    I want to say nice work on all the renos, but I cannot say that mine are coming along so well. So I am not sure I am allowed to say that. Looks great one day I will see it in person, hopefully.

  14. toolnut says:

    Happy Thanksgiving. Looks great. Stable in the Spring?

  15. oldbaleine says:

    That second photo is perfect! Street sign, guy, woman…Killer!

  16. Niels Cosman says:

    BOOM! That’s beautiful!

  17. petearon143 says:

    That paint job is lit!

  18. Eric Rusch says:

    Wonderful paint job.
    Now tell the city to straighten up that street sign.

  19. tlmn45 says:

    Awesome Dave and Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    God Bless,
    Ted from Lone Pine Toolworks

  20. wb8nbs says:

    The building looks fantastic. Is the corner column cast iron?

  21. It looks great, i see so many store fronts that have seen better days and it is nice to see people that take pride in their business and make it look more inviting. Your building looks real inviting and i hope to visit it some day.

  22. dpcrow says:

    Care to share the names of the colors you used? Looks great.

  23. Jared Tohlen says:

    Looks awesome, hope to visit someday. But the wife wasn’t too keen on using airline points to make the trip, so I’ll have to find another plan.

    Also: “Thanksgiving is the only holiday I take seriously. It’s not about commerce. There are no greeting cards or gifts to buy. It’s just about getting together with the people you like and sharing a meal.”

    Totally. This is why I get ticked off at folks skipping over/ignoring/harumphing Thanksgiving on their way to Christmas.

    • “It’s just about getting together with the people you like and sharing a meal.”

      “This is why I get ticked off at folks skipping over/ ignoring/ harrumphing Thanksgiving on their way to Christmas.”

      I respect those comments. However, Christmas is truly about getting together and sharing a meal with our heavenly father.

  24. meanmna says:

    Restoring planes … restoring buildings … I love that you restore the old to new use. Regardless of your opinion, beliefs, what have you on global warming, etc. why be wasteful.

  25. rgrsf says:

    Looks fantastic….Best of Luck


  26. John Koten says:

    Your digs look great. But did you notice the similarity between the design of your building and the the first photo in the previous blog post: “Seeing Red?”

    • Our building is probably the most conservative Victorian in the neighborhood. We dialed back the ornament to an insane degree (you should see how the corbels are typically picked out in contrasting colors). And we used all cool colors to dial back the design even more.

      I suppose it’s all relative and you could say we have a “red” building, but not in comparison to what was typical.

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