For Your Bookshelf: Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland

Do you need a dose of handmade and hand-decorated? Try “Peasant Art in Sweden, Lapland and Iceland” edited by Charles Holme and published in 1910.

This gorgeous little book includes sections on textiles, metalwork, horn carving and a large section on furniture and wood carvings. From batlets to weaving implements you will find plenty of ideas for your next project or your next litre of beer.

Of course there are carved spoons:

And carved headboards for your bed:

Sprinkled here and there are wonderful pieces like this stool. The carver saw the branches of a tree and it inspired a stool made into the shape of a faithful companion.

Used copies of the book are available or you can read a digital copy here.

-Suzanne Ellison

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  1. Have you guys ever thought about adding pinterest buttons to your posts/images?

  2. jessamyn says:

    Hey that’s my workplace! We have a lot of other Peasant Art books…

  3. Wow – What a gift! I’ve been enjoying this book for 40 years, and its truly a gift to all in a digital format. Charles Holme, the editor, was the principle force behind Studio Magazine. For those interested in Swedish artifacts most of the types of items displayed in the book come up for sale in Stockholm’s Bukowskis auctions. And if you know the Swedish word for what you are looking for Bukowskis’ archives has thousands of items they have sold over the years. I search there all of the time,
    Richard O. Byrne

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