Reminder: We are Open Tomorrow


John and I finished building the above rolling book display this afternoon. Pocket screws and Dragonply aren’t my favorite materials, but they do get the job done in a hurry.

If you are in the area tomorrow, please stop by and check out our new holdfasts, T-shirts and two new Roman workbenches. Also, the Main Strasse Oktoberfest celebration is running this weekend. Good news: good beer and sausages are two blocks away. Bad news: Parking won’t be as easy.

No matter who shows up, I’ll be there rasping my new vise nuts so they fit my hands just right. (Wow, after reading that sentence I doubt anyone will show up tomorrow.)

— Christopher Schwarz

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12 Responses to Reminder: We are Open Tomorrow

  1. @TheRainford says:

    It’s the adult version of the Scholastic Mobile Book Fair from grade school. 🙂 The difference being that these LAP books will actually last.

  2. ralmcc7yahoocom says:

    Sir, When will your apparel be available for the Crucible line ? thanks

  3. heldwerk says:

    …except,of course, the Covington PD Vice Squad.

  4. Kevin Adams says:

    Of course my eyes went straight to that chair…that’s the one you built with Dave Fleming in Cobden, right? Wonderful. Enjoy the weekend, Mr. Brown might actually be smiling down on your place.


  5. Man, I so regret I can’t get to Cincinatti this weekend.

    Honestly, I thought rasping your vice nuts is what downtown Covington is known for…..

  6. kohalabeeman says:

    Aloha ,

    It looks like the shelf unit is 12 books too loaded ! Those books could find a home right here if it weren’t for the nasty termites ! It this stage of the game , I have learned that ‘termites’ don’t eat ‘digital’ woodworks . So , no more ‘eaten’ pages and lost library materials [ the True ‘ Lost Art ‘ from the Press ] .Keep those great articles coming , my rehab goes along a lot better when I can read when others are snoring [ sawing in their dreams ] .

    Mark Baker


  7. Joshua Brown says:

    Shouldn’t that book shelf be a piece of campaign furniture?

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