Soft Wax is Back


Katy has just finished up a batch of 30 tins of soft wax and listed them in her etsy store. It’s been a crazy summer for her. She’s been working (a lot) as a bagger at the local grocery, and she had (a lot of) summer homework to complete before starting school.

Each 4 oz. tin is $12 plus a modest shipping charge. All the wax is handmade by her in our workshop here in Kentucky. No slave labor (other than her father) was involved.

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to Soft Wax is Back

  1. No slave labor (other than her father) was involved.

    lol, Yeah! That’s what fathers are for, aren’t they? I have been trying to buy a tin of this wax for several weeks now without success, till now, it seems like this wax is selling very well. I am trying it out on a Boston pilgrim era chest of drawers, the drawers are side hung and a bit balky to open/close, hopefully this wax will fix it.

  2. holtdoa says:

    Seems to be a hot seller. This blog entry is dated 8/28. 8?29 around 11:30 AM central time and it appears to be sold out!

  3. LOL, DANG! yes, i am not surprised the wax is gone, i emailed directly on Etsy site and i got an email heads up this morning and ordered before they were gone.
    This kinda reminds me of that Verizon commercial “Susies Lemonade” where dad, on the way to work in the morning gives susie a phone and when he returns that afternoon, susie has become a lemonade tycoon and dad needs an appointment to see her. It could happen!

  4. hgordon4 says:

    Glad there was only dad slave labor (I definitely know how that works). BUT, were any cats harmed during the sniffing of the product!?

  5. steveschafer says:

    No slave labor? What about the bees?

  6. studioffm says:

    good for you Katy, keep that old guy working
    david savage

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