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It is not an early morning forum update like it usually is, but it is written from the most scenic viewpoint so far. Instead of my office I am sitting in beautiful Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. After an exhausting morning of hiking it feels great to sit back, relax and write the update. (Especially when it is quiet because your husband has the toddler.) A lot is going on in the forum these days, this update is just the tip of the iceberg. So don’t rely on me; make sure to check it for yourself throughout the week. Remember, if you have a question about our products, procedures in our books or anything related to Lost Art Press, the fastest way to get an answer is our forum. Check it out here.

Worktable and Bookcase
Adam is looking to put a version of the bookshelf from “The Anarchist’s Design Book” on top of the worktable from the book. He has a sketch drawn up but thinks it looks a bit top heavy. See the rendering here and give your thoughts.

Steaming Boards Flat
Anybody have experience trying to steam boards flat? Another Adam has finally found the Brazilian mahogany boards that he has been looking for but they are a bit wavy. If you have any tips to give him, here is the link.

Strong Trunk: How to Accommodate Wood Movement with Brass Straps
Inspired by “Campaign Furniture,” William is about to start on a trunk. However, he is concerned about the brass straps constraining the wood and leading to splitting. If you have advice or would like to see the responses so far, the post is here.

Workbench Holes worn out from Holdfasts
Shannon has a “Naked Woodworker”-style Nicholson bench that is less than a year old. She has noticed that a couple of the holes on the bench have become ovals and are no longer holding the holdfasts as tight as they used to. She has a few ideas on how this issue could be resolved but is looking for some insight from those who might have had the same issue. See if you can help here.

ADB Bookcase – An Eagle Scout Project
Hats off to Brett and his son for taking on the bookshelf from “The Anarchist’s Design Book” as an Eagle Scout project. Brett’s wife works at a Title 1 school that was in need of six bookshelves and their son rose to the occasion. Pictures are above and the link is here. Awesome work you guys!

— Meghan Bates

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2 Responses to A Scenic View of the Forum

  1. Hold fast holes out of round? Might try drilling them out somewhat larger; then inserting and gluing a hardwood plug in place and then drilling a new hole in the hardwood plug for the hold fast. Done well the plug could be removed and a new on inserted as needed as the latest hole again wore out. I’d make the hardwood plug from the hardest wearing hole possible Lignum vitae perhaps…or how about a brass sleve insert? Might work even better..
    Richard O. Byrne

  2. Willard Anderson says:

    My experience with this issue has been stripped out lag screw holes in moving fillesters and fenced panel planes, but I think my solution is a good one. I mortise in a much larger piece of hardwood, square and near full depth, then glue this in. You get a more extensive space to drill a new hole, with lots of support around the hole. Drilling a new hole, slightly larger, to set in a piece of hardwood and then drilling in a hold fast hole inside of this leaves just a thin skin of hardwood around the edge. An in addition, you really want face grain, not endgrain to drill into. Using a facegrain insert means that the holdfast will be bearing against endgrain. Endgrain resists deformation about 5X better than the long grain of a dowel insert. I generally turn face grain plugs on my lathe if I am going to reset a lag screw, etc. These are delicate, but are the rigorous solution after insertion.

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