The Softer, Stranger Side of Schwarz


This week I’m the guest on a podcast that is less about woodworking and more about life in general. “A Life Well Designed” is a website, blog and podcast that are aimed at simply making your life better, saner and perhaps more successful.

I was interviewed by the founder of the site, Jonathan Pritchard, who is also a woodworker and a mentalist. While we touched on the topics of craft throughout the hour-long chat, it’s more about the “why” behind what I do, both in the shop and for Lost Art Press.

I’m not used to talking about these things, so I sound like a bit of an dolt. But I do say a cussword by accident, so it’s definitely worth listening to for that. Jonathan teased out a lot of personal information (my father was a Yeti; my mother was an elite duckpin bowler) and I can honestly say that I had a great time chatting about oddball things.

If you’d like to listen in, the direct link to the podcast is here.

There are lots of other cool podcasts at the site that cover a wide range of interesting topics. Check them out here. I have.

— Christopher Schwarz

About Lost Art Press

Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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10 Responses to The Softer, Stranger Side of Schwarz

  1. Rachael Boyd says:

    I can’t wait to hear it…..

  2. Anthony Wilson says:

    Nice chat Chris – just like Jonathan I’m inspired to jump into ‘By Hand and Eye’ – thank you

  3. Eric R says:

    Great listen.
    Chris knows his stuff for sure.

  4. I notice that you have the three volumes of “Practical Cabinet Making” that I suggested to you as a possible LAP project – where you already aware of them? How do you find them – I wish I had the money to buy a set.

  5. Bill Snyder says:

    Great interview , I would be curious about the books you read , I believe there was a Kurt Vonnegut reference ? Sorry I was listening at work lol .

  6. Hey! I’m 43, not 65. And I don’t own a flannel shirt, either! 💩

  7. Ron Harper says:

    Happy for you. Keep doing what you do. It really help us.

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