Cheeky Chairs and Brazen Birds

imageAs I work on the index for “Roubo on Furniture” my appreciation for Monsieur Roubo continues to grow. Through the efforts of the translation team Roubo’s voice comes through and he certainly has opinions. Between explanations of how to use tools and make chairs, tables, desks and beds for all occasions he expresses his disdain for chairmakers and exasperation with carvers. Especially the carvers.

Back in the autumn of 2014 I put together several projects to help publicize “The Book of Plates.” Many of the bits and pieces I used are from plates you will see in “Roubo on Furniture.” One project was a short story about Chris’ encounter with some unruly chairs. You can read “Cool!” here.


The next project combined the many tools drawn by Roubo with a crow. “Mine!” brought together the crow’s use of tools, ability to innovate and its well known behavior for “I want, I take.”


Other bits and pieces became the “Wingnut Ducks.” The “cattails” and the flying squadron of “bugs” are all from the plates.


Congratulations to the translation team for the extraordinary work you have done on this second volume of “To Make as Perfectly as Possible.”

Now, it is back to the index for me

Suzanne Ellison

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4 Responses to Cheeky Chairs and Brazen Birds

  1. I suspect the bird is a Jackdaw that is a member of the crow family but is very different from other crows. Part of their distinguishing characteristics is to steal anything shiny. Hence its craving for a tool and the theft “Mine” of a shiny new tool.

    In that they like shiny new tools they are like me and many other wood workers. Fortunately for my bank balance the philosophy of the Schwartz has now switched on the skinflint in me and I am less likely to buy tool jewels. I notice HE is buying some though – like exotic marking knives.

  2. Eric R says:

    Ms. Saucy,
    You are by-far one of the best writers on the net.
    I have enjoyed every entry you’ve offered.
    LAP is lucky to have your services.

  3. Please tell me that one with the crow will be offered as a poster?

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