Shakers Invaded by Moravians!

Editor’s note: Below is the first post from Will Myers, a woodworker who teaches at Roy Underhill’s school and specializes in teaching a class on building a Moravian workbench and researching and reproducing Shaker pieces. Both John and I are huge fans of Will and are very excited to welcome him to our blog.

I am back at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Mass.  I came up last fall for a quick visit and figured out that this was not a “quick visit” type of place.


There is so much to see; around most every corner are rooms and furniture pieces that give me a bit of déjà vu. Perhaps the feeling comes from seeing so much of this stuff in furniture books and articles over the years. Even so, the genuine articles are so much better than the photos.


On this trip I am attending the annual woodworkers and iron workers weekend. I will be doing demos on making one of the candlestands in Hancock’s collection all day on Aug. 6-7. I brought along a Moravian workbench as well (they have not kicked me out…yet!).


If you are in the area stop in and have a look around and experience the only genuine Southern hillbilly accent in Massachusetts!

— Will Myers, host of the “Building the Portable Moravian Workbench” DVD


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6 Responses to Shakers Invaded by Moravians!

  1. Hi Will, thanks for the interesting post! I’m hoping at some point you can write about the Moravian woodworking tradition and particularly their aesthetic (furniture, architecture, etc). I’ve always been interested to learn more but haven’t found any good resources.

  2. Richard Motz says:

    Welcome Will ! !
    Nice Work ! Good Workmanship ! Cool Bench !

  3. meanmna says:

    I heard about the candle stand and the Shaker village during his workbench class in July. Looking forward to these posts.

  4. leofrancis316 says:

    I built Will’s bench at his class offered at Roy’s school. I can’t speak highly enough about the class or the bench.

  5. Hi Will I am so mad at myself. I was going to read this post Friday night and fell asleep. Got up Saturday and where did we go, to Shaker Village for the iron works show. I did stop by the woodworking shop noticed your videos and loved your bench, I also saw the table, but you must have been off having a break at the time. I am so sorry I missed you. I do love the Shaker Village. Looking forward to your next story. Thanks Richg

  6. hgordon4 says:

    Welcome to the blog Will! I’m looking forward to your class in November.

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