Roubo With The Sound Turned On

Diorama of Plate 99

Diorama of Plate 99

Almost two years ago Chris sent me a pre-publication copy of “The Book of Plates” and gave me free reign to color, cut-out and otherwise manipulate anything I found in the plates. Yesterday I started work on the index for “Roubo on Furniture” and now get to read the descriptions of each scene, tool and work method in the plates. Most of the plates that I transformed into dioramas and collages are from the furniture book and seeing them again was a reunion with old friends.

The plates have tremendous detail but having the matching text is like have the sound turned on. Part of Plate 4 is a description of  proper storage of wood and protection from the elements. Roubo provides meticulous instruction on stacking the wood and how to achieve the angled “rain diverters” at the top of each pile.

Adding dimension to Plate 4.

Adding dimension and color to Plate 4.

In preparation for this indexing assignment I pulled my special china pattern out of storage. I like my china pattern to match the book.


Later in the week I’ll revive the Birds of Roubo and the trash-talking Chairs of Roubo.

Suzanne Ellison

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  1. Wait. Really? China?

  2. Dave Jeske says:

    How about a custom shop clock? Hmmmmm.

  3. Eric R says:

    Your stuff is tops.
    Thank you

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