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Summer is in full swing and where I live it is HOT. The best way around this is to stay inside and read the forum. Remember, if you have a question about our products, procedures in our books or anything related to Lost Art Press, the fastest way to get an answer is our forum. Check it out here.

Workbench is finally finished
I love showing off people’s finished projects and this one is perfect for that (above). I love the painted legs. Beautiful work Tyler.

Staked worktable is rickety
Christopher is finding his staked worktable to be a little rickety so far in his construction and is thinking of putting two aprons between the battens with screws to remedy the problem. Has anyone had a similar experience? And if so, what was your solution?

Suitable replacement for pine
David is looking for pine on the West coast and has found it nowhere. The question now is whether to build from 3/4” pine or switch to poplar. What are your thoughts?


Roubo bench green timbers – the waiting game
How dry does wood need to be to start a bench build? This is the question Jason is pondering while anxious to get started. Most are advising that as long as there is dry would for the legs, the top can be green. Do you agree?

Making a wider bookshelf
Thomas’s bookshelf is painted and in use. Looking good! (At right.)

Planting on a raised panel
Michael is getting ready to build a wall cabinet and is thinking he wants to approach his doors the way Peter Follansbee did the lid on his tool chest. (Below; the photo is from Peter’s blog.) The problem is that he is not sure how he attached his dust seal. Glue? Dowels? Dominos? Anyone able to help him out?


See ya next week!

Meghan Bates

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2 Responses to Beat the Heat, Read the Forum

  1. I hate painted wood. I love the grain and the way it darkens in light. I always brush on shellac – if it gets too battered it can always be painted over later by me or hopefully my decedents.

  2. Having difficulty with wobbly stakes? Here is an outrageous but solid solution. If the construction has 4 stakes, join the two stakes at each end with a dowel End Stretcher. By dowel I mean just that-a straight round rod. Run it into a loose socket or taper the ends and jam it through the stakes. Then make an Enclosing Medial Stretcher that is longer than the distance between the End Stretchers. Bore dowel diameter holes thru both ends of Enclosing Medial Stretcher and slide it onto the End Stretchers and jam the End Stretchers into the stakes. All interference fits. You need no wedges, pegs, metal or glue. You have made a Windsor understructure with an Enclosing Medial Stretcher. Nothing is going anywhere. Pick it up, turn it over parallel to and drop it upon the floor. You get a jumble of 7 sticks and a bench top. Mark each stick for easy reassembly. You can wedge, peg, metal or glue it together if you want. I just never got around to it. Besides, I sometime explode it for visitors. It has sat beside my shaving horse and moved about the shop for other tasks for over 20 years. Just do not turn it upside down and drop it on the floor if your toes are in the way.

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