Bench Detail from 1764


As requested: A detail of the face vise on the 1764 bench from “Hallens, Werkstätte der Künste.”

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7 Responses to Bench Detail from 1764

  1. holtdoa says:

    Is that curvy part that looks like it is clamped in the vice actually (hehe) the rear “jaw”. If so, is that the second piece of ornamentation?

  2. Spectacular!!!! Frank Klauz bench comes to mind at first glance.

  3. jkvernier says:

    Here’s a similar bench in an otherwise very interesting shop scene by Johann Baptist Reiter, Austrian, c.1838. The face vise is still tiny and appears to have only a knob grip, not a cross bar.

  4. I asked for the enlargement and am still confused. looks like a single bench screw bur I do not understand the curved stop. Also it seems that the back face of the jaw is incomplete. The good nws is that mine works fine. I jus bore 3/16″ holes down the front of the bench and jam draw bore pinhs in to support the workpiece.

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