Sunburns and Forum Reading


After spending the weekend staining our deck I am too sunburnt to go outside again for days. I thought when you hit adulthood you became wise and remembered to reapply sunblock. This seems to not be the case. So, here I sit. This means I have all kinds of time to read the forum. The good news is, there is lots to read. Remember, if you have a question about our products, procedures in our books or anything related to Lost Art Press, the fastest way to get an answer is our forum. Check it out here.

Deficiency in the prototype 6-board chest?
Jacob was at the Lost Art Press storefront on Saturday and liked the 6-board chest that was for sale. (photo above) After leaving he was curious what Chris didn’t like about it that he changed for his next design. Curious to find out too?

Soap finish: soap to water ratio?
Has anyone had success with the “soap soup” finish from “The Anarchist’s Design Book”? If so, Mark is looking for your tips that worked for you. What was your soap to water ratio? What type of soap did you use?


Alcohol Torch Question
James bought this Alcohol Torch (which I have to add that I think it is awesome) and is looking for someone who is able to tell him how to turn it off properly. The torch spout continues to draw once it is turned off and a stream of alcohol leaks out. Know the answer to his question? Answer here.

Campaign Card Table
Justin is designing a table with a drop leaf that has stored support legs. He is curious to see what people think of using hinges or if they have other ideas that may be more stable. Weigh in with your design here.

Pricing Criteria for woodworking projects
Anyone here sell their work? If you do, Gary is curious what you charge. Here is the link to help him out. 


Cherry Bench
Last week we posted on the forum to help Daniel recover from some bad breaks on his bench project. After recovering from a cracked leg and other setbacks, here is the bench. Congrats Daniel!

Meghan Bates

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