Lost Art Press Tool Sale this Saturday


I’ve been digging out the nether regions of our household this week to collect tools to sell at our Covington, Ky., storefront this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Directions to our store here.

So far I’ve gathered up about 70 items, everything from a Lie-Nielsen No. 4 to a set of oilstones to a set of turning tools. I’ll also be scouring our basement where there is stuff all the way back to 1993 when I took my first woodworking class.

I won’t be selling any junk. And prices will be incredibly fair. (Side note: There will be junk, but I’ll be giving it away. Come claim my first plastic-handled chisel!)

All tools will be sold cash or personal check (sorry, no credit cards). If there’s anything left after Saturday, I’ll post it for sale on our blog later this summer.

Some of the items I’ve set aside for Saturday:

Saws – premium backsaws and totally usable vintage handsaws. Some coping saws.

Planes – A few premium planes. I gave all my vintage ones away to the Baby Anarchists last fall.

Hammers: For joinery, adjusting, malleting etc.

Nice vintage miter jack.

Winding sticks of my own make

A Stanley 386 jointer fence

… and this is what I can see on top of the piles.

It’s all first come, first served. No exceptions. Please don’t ask me to mail anything to you. Pretty please.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. And of course we’ll have all our books for sale, plus some blemished books for 50 percent off retail, free stickers and posters and free woodworking advice….

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5 Responses to Lost Art Press Tool Sale this Saturday

  1. davidcockey says:

    Any guesses on what time the first person will be waiting at door? Does Covington have an anti-loitering ordinance?

  2. Paul Sidener says:

    Wow a bronze Lie Nielsen #4 high angle for sale. If that’s not good enough, what the heck are you using? My guess that has fallen because you believe in vintage users. Someone is going to get an awesome plane.

  3. Chris you’re not being fair to us Westerners that can’t be there. Looks like some great buys.

  4. Chris Decker says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this! I hope to find a new-to-me router plane or jointer plane.

  5. Too bad I live so far away.

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