A Father’s Day Forum Update


Happy belated Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Hopefully everyone had a relaxing weekend filled with sunshine, good food and a great build. I am not sure if ours was relaxing but we did get good pictures of dragging our toddler around behind the boat in a tube. This is a form of initiation into our family so it made it a big weekend. It was also a big weekend on the forum as a lot of people seem to be wrapping up projects. Remember, if you have a question about our products, procedures in our books or anything related to Lost Art Press, the fastest way to get an answer is our forum. Check it out here.

‘Finally got the staked chair dry fit.’
Daniel has made headway on his staked chair from “Anarchist’s Design Book” and has the pictures to prove it. Also, the personal touch to his crest rail shows how every project can be made your own.



Old Bench Screws
William’s wife found an old leg vice screw (right) in amish country and he is looking to put it to use. The question is: is it in good enough shape? There seem to be two solutions. Either way it is fun to look at.

Sash Planes
The vice screw isn’t the only antique tool being discussed. Adam acquired a set of wooden sash planes (picture at top) and had a few questions about sharpening and setting the blades.

Soft Wax
If you have any questions about making your own soft wax, my guess is that they are probably answered somewhere in this thread. It is definitely something to read if you are about to give it a go.

Shaker Bench Designs
Kevin finished his trestle table and is looking to make benches that go with. Style, height and stability were the original questions but it seems that Chris has made a bench that might serve as a good model. On a side note, this is the thread that has the beautiful Atelier Marolles furniture in it.

Meghan Bates

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