The Sequel to ‘Calvin Cobb?’



Here’s a quick look at the proposed artwork for the sequel to Roy Underhill’s “Calvin Cobb: Radio Woodworker!” (OK, not really.)

Note that Lost Art Press does not condone riding a motorcycle without a helmet. (Or undergarments.)

— Christopher Schwarz

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Publisher of woodworking books and videos specializing in hand tool techniques.
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16 Responses to The Sequel to ‘Calvin Cobb?’

  1. amvolk says:

    Oh, now that was just cruel! Tantalizing us with the prospect of a second book. I was already salivating at the thought.

  2. mnrwoods says:

    Look mom, no hands! (Well, sort of) 🙂

  3. dknott2013 says:

    As both a woodworker and motorcyclist–one’s a winter hobby, and the other’s a summertime activity–I’m interested on MANY levels. (Okay, not really.)
    I’m a dirty biker who stood with my friends in the sunshine outside Roy’s school one morning and gawked as Chris began a week-long class. Couldn’t be so impolite as to interrupt the class, but went upstairs to Ed’s store and poked around for a while. Then, down the street for a soda at a storefront café; after that, off to the Outer Banks.
    The illustration is sooo Underhill!

  4. miathet says:

    Snort! You guys find the best images. Thanks for making my afternoon.

  5. I drove up to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks last weekend. Saw a lot of motorcyclists in Maine, and none were wearing helmets. (Didn’t see any wearing blindfolds, but the dark glasses on one looked pretty opaque.)

  6. rwyoung says:

    Hey nice Motorcycle Lady, whatever you’re sellin’, I’m buyin’!

  7. Looks like a cool day for riding. His neck tie should be in the air – flapping in the wind. And the most excellent three finger grip from the cover of book 1 is missing.

  8. I would pay at five dollars American for that cover printed as a poster!!!

  9. Won’t work. That lady doesn’t have a wooden leg. But everything else seems to be in order…

  10. “Note that Lost Art Press does not condone riding a motorcycle without a helmet.” I take it that you are good with hands free and blindfolded?

  11. kaisaerpren says:

    but blindfolded is OK?

  12. senrabc says:

    In case this is a way of surveying for interest in a second book, I say thumbs up and where do we preorder.

  13. franktiger says:

    Any plans on making this available as a poster or stickers.

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