Psst. More Wax


Katy managed to make 34 more tins of soft wax this week. It’s available in her etsy store via this link. She’s hard at work on another batch during the times when she isn’t signing rhymes about Black Phillip from “The VVitch.”

— Christopher Schwarz



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5 Responses to Psst. More Wax

  1. Starting to think this “wax” is but myth…

    • She just finished making 30 more jars. They’ll be up on her site this afternoon. Sorry for the wait….

      • Sorry. Not REALLY complaining. I think it’s awesome that she is selling it as fast as she can make it!

        I’m just… you know, old and slow.

      • Oh, by the way, Chris, I was drinking some amazing non-imported coffee and listening to some new music this morning and realized I don’t have any easy way of passing that information on like I used to. Contact me if you want the details (same email address).

        And yay! Glad to support K in her enterprise and get some great finish in the process. Mine have been fairly minimal, anyway, these days, so I’m anxious to try this out. I didn’t feel at all badly about buying two.

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