66 Tins of Soft Wax


The school year ended Friday. To celebrate, Katy came home and made 66 tins of soft wax (her biggest load yet), which are now available in her etsy store.

Thanks to everyone who has been patient with and supportive of this endeavor. Let’s hope she can make enough wax so her father can buy some…..

— Christopher Schwarz

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10 Responses to 66 Tins of Soft Wax

  1. I love this Soft Wax. Can you explain what role the Mineral Spirits play in the recipe? Many sources indicate that Mineral Spirits is a petroleum-based Turpentine substitute, but never mention why the two solvents would be used together? Curious.

    • My guess is that using mineral spirits reduces the cost of making each batch without reducing the pleasing odor.

      Mineral spirits cost about one-third the price of good turpentine.

      This is just a guess. The author of the recipe is long gone.

      • Thanks for the reply. That was my guess too.

        For me, quality mineral spirits are about 1/2 the price of quality Turpentine. Given the ratio’s typically used, not much is saved when making small batches and so I was thinking why not just use wax and turpentine.

        I guess I’ll just have to try it and see. 🙂

        Of course, this also raises the question of why use Turpentine at all if MS is truly a substitute and less expensive.

  2. Success! Persistence pays off.

  3. michael Price says:

    The ETSY site doesn’t appear to have a place to enter an order ? I wanted to get a couple tins.

    Michael pricemj43@maine.rr.com

  4. meanmna says:


    I managed to get two tins. Since you can’t seem to get your hands on any I am happy to work out a trade.

  5. She’s the Steve Jobs of the soft wax world. People are waiting in line to buy, demand is high. Good for her.

  6. Brian Clites says:

    Super Mario’s number. I knew you were secretly a Penguins fan. 🙂

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