Soft Wax, Anyone?


Though Katy has her final exams this week and is studying upstairs, she is also trying to keep wax production going. Several people have asked for an update when she has made more soft wax, so here it is: Katy made 33 tins last night and has put them up on her etsy store here.

She’s also been working on customer service this week – we had a mistake in the last batch. Here’s the funny thing: It was my fault. I was helping her pack tins and grabbed the wrong label. I should be fired.

— Christopher Schwarz

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9 Responses to Soft Wax, Anyone?

  1. nateharold says:

    Employees… sheesh… they’ll never care as much as you

  2. nordichomey says:

    Sounds like a collectors item if you have one

  3. Just bought some. My wife is constantly buying antique furniture. I’m curious to see how well it works on those darn drawers.

  4. Gail Middleton says:

    Gone by the time I opened your email. I will keep trying…

  5. Kevin Schroeder says:

    …funny…funny as a crutch…

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