Here’s What’s Happening on the Forum


The following topics of discussion are generating a lot of discussion over at the Lost Art Press forum. Remember, if you have a question about our products, procedures in our books or anything related to Lost Art Press, the fastest way to get an answer is our forum. Check it out here.

Wooden Layout Square – Looking for Info
Steve Swantee had a photo of a large square he was curious to identify. Turns out it is the large square from “Book of Plates.”  Want to see what it looks like finished?

Waterstone Recommendation?
Martin Jones is looking to switch from oil stones to water stones and asked for some feedback. He has had a lot of info thrown back his way regarding products and technique. If you want to add to the mix or just see what others are doing, here’s the thread.

Staked Coffee Table
Joshua Krieger’s coffee table met its match in a three year old and he is now building a staked one. After putting up his original plans he is keeping us posted on his progress. See his journey and his solution for exposed tenons.  (photo at top)

Knockdown Nicholson Bench
Ouida Vincent built this bench from Popular Woodworking Magazine in the fall and it turns out a few others did and still are. Questions are still being asked about the process. Thinking of building one?


Drawbored AND Wedged
Brian Clites is asked about the advantages and disadvantages of drawboring and wedging a joint. Was it done historically? Readers dug up a trestle table where Christopher Schwarz did just that. (see above) Other participants are looking for specific instructions on how to wedge a joint. Got any suggestions?

— Meghan Bates

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  1. John Hoffman says:

    This is fracking awesome!!

    Great job

    John Hoffman


  2. That Shaker Trestle Table is still my favourite build by you!!

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