Make Currency Exchange Your B*&%h


I don’t think I’ve ever done this before, so listen up.

Q: Do you want a Vesper Double Square?

A: Yes, unless you are a mouth-breather.

Thanks to the vagaries of the currency market, Australian goods are dirt cheap. Last time I bought Aussie tools the U.S. dollar was about the same value as the Aussie dollar. Now our dollar buys about $1.37 over there.

So you should dump a lot of money on Vesper’s incredible tools. There are none finer. And you are unlike to be able to ever buy the tools any cheaper (without stealing them).

Buy them from Vesper directly here. Really, go nuts. Make your credit card hurt.

If you aren’t that adventurous, buy the double square from Highland Woodworking for the ridiculous price of $140. If that seems like a lot of money then you haven’t used one of Vesper’s tools. That is a steal.

Anyway, do it. Stop reading this stuff. Go do it.

— Christopher Schwarz


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12 Responses to Make Currency Exchange Your B*&%h

  1. nateharold says:

    Canadian exchange rate too. Just bought some Lee Valley stuff and it was way favorable.

  2. homesy135 says:

    I’m green with envy. My dollar is only worth a dollar. A few years back my Aussie dollar would buy US$1.08. Nirvana! My wife was tired of hearing the parcel delivery man ring the doorbell at 8:30am nearly every day. Now, after you’ve bought all the tools (I want) from Vesper, visit the HNT Gordon website for more Aussie made goodness. I’m off for a shower before I hit the shed (that’s what we call shop). Hopefully, this green colour comes off with soap.

    Paul in Oz

  3. flatironjoe says:

    Do you recommend the 6″ rule with this one?

  4. ianschwandt says:

    Don’t forget HNT Gordon. The weak Aussie is the only thing that has kept my credit card from melting after buying a smoother, tail vice and a complete set of molding planes.

  5. ouidavincent says:

    I bought two bevels last year a 7 inch and 4 inch. I told Chris when I got them that my only regret was not buying more.

  6. masweig says:

    I thought of this a few weeks ago when my wife was on a trip down to Australia and I realized how good the exchange rate is. But haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet since I’m not totally sure what I want.

    Of course, between this post and Chris moving his shop I’d imagine it will be some time till stuff is in stock.

    • masweig says:

      Actually Chris, what of the Vesper tools do you like the most? I know I want one of the smaller sliding bevels (it is a hole in my tools, I only have a larger (non Vesper) one that works well, and have frequently wished I had a second). Do you find the double square more versatile and useful than the try square? To be completely honest I’m not really sure I understand the point of a try square vs something like a Starrett, but then again I’ve never used a try square.

      • For chairmaking and staked furniture, the most useful tool is the small sliding bevel.

        For joinery and casework, the double square.

        A regular try square is nice because it is more accurate and less likely to go out of truth. But most people prefer combination squares.

      • masweig says:

        Thanks! That makes sense

  7. wortheffort says:

    Have your kids been torturing you with that Shia Lebuff(sp) meme again?

  8. I couldn’t agree more, I recently received a Vesper sliding bevel and it’s nothing short of functional art in both design and execution. While were on the subject of currencies, the UK pound is bombed out at the moment because of the in/out Europe vote – if it goes any lower it will be the best US dollar / British pound rate since 1985.

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